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Why is drinking water in the morning make you more productive?

Wake up in the morning and immediately feel like you're awake. Calculate how much water you should drink. For many people this may seem a utopia, but there are some simple "tricks" that help you do this. No long morning rituals to get fresh at work 2.5 hours later, but practical and quick tips. The easiest thing is, indeed, drinking 1-2 glasses of water. Most people underestimate the effect of water on your body. "Yes, I know I have to drink enough!" But then you go to the coffee and at the end of the afternoon the well-known afternoon dip will look around the corner. How is that possible? Great chance you do not drink enough water!

Why does it have such a big effect?

Your body consists of about 2/3 of water and your brain even for 80%. So it's essential to drink enough water so that your body, your organs and your brain can function optimally. A deficiency can cause signal transduction (passing through different substances in your brain) to not take place optimally. As a result, communication between your brain cells is less good and you can focus less well on your mind, you can remember information less quickly, etc. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.

Why water first in the morning?

At night, when you sleep, you lose a lot of moisture because you do not drink. As a result, your body has relatively little moisture in the morning and can not function properly. To give your body what it takes, it is wise to drink 1-2 glasses of water immediately after you get up. You give your body the fluid it needs. In addition, several positive effects are known when drinking water on an empty stomach. Especially in the East, they know that. For example, drinking water immediately after rising very popular in India is called "Ushapan". As you drink, your body is cleansed of waste. This Ayurvedic method even indicates that it helps to include headache, overweight and kidney, lung and liver problems. So far, I have not found any scientific articles yet, so share this in the comments if you encounter one. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

The effects of 2 glasses on your productivity?

However, there have been studies of the effects of water drinking on productivity. A number of interesting studies were conducted by Dr. Caroline Edmonds. She has shown that drinking water has a positive effect on your visual memory. In addition, she also did research and showed that drinking a glass of water makes your brain 14% faster working. This allows you to think faster, and are you bright-minded, handy tools to have if you want to work productively, right?

I myself also notice this. For several years I drink as soon as I get up 1-2 glasses of water. Then I do some simple stretching and stretching exercises and within a few minutes I feel like I'm awake.

Add this simple routine to your morning ritual and notice the difference itself! Water, an essential nutrient.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?