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10 Good reasons to drink more water

Everyone knows that drinking a lot of water is very important. Filtered water or bottled water. Logical, if you know that we are 70% water. Yet we do not always manage to drink enough water. Do you know what the daily recommended amount is? For adults that is 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Children also have to drink a lot because of their enormous growth.

Many children drink water

Do you drink enough daily? Below you will find 10 good reasons to do it.
The effect of drinking a lot of water on your body
1. More energy and a higher concentration

Our brains also consist largely of water. That is why drinking a lot of water is important. Drinking too little has an impact on your mental performance. Those who are dehydrated have difficulty staying focused. That way you become listless and less productive. Start your day with a large glass of water. Then drink your first cup of coffee. Do you drink water at work all day long? Then you are doing well. Drinking plenty of water is the secret to stay fresh all day long.
2. Your toxins are disposed of better and faster

Drinking plenty of water helps to get the harmful substances out of your body quickly. This prevents diseases such as the flu, a urinary tract infection or even a common cold. The more water you drink, the higher your resistance. And so the better your body can defend itself against attacking viruses.
So the chance is smaller that you have to report sick.
3. Drinking plenty of water prevents headaches
Drink plenty of water

Drink a lot of water headache

Headache is often due to the fact that you drink too little. Do you sometimes feel tired and listless without explanation? Do not forget to drink on time. In most cases, you feel better later on. Is water healthy?
4. Water is good for your muscles

Do you exercise regularly? Then drinking a lot of water is definitely a must. This way you compensate lost fluid, recover faster and resist acidification of the muscles. It also helps to prevent muscle spasms and injuries and keeps the joints supple. So you do not have to drag through your day with stiff muscles.
5. It keeps your body temperature up to standard

If you drink enough water, your internal thermostat works better. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather. Your body can then cool itself by sweating out moisture. Extra important on hot summer days, because then the heat makes you languid. Do not you want to fall in love with your work? Drink water all day long, it keeps you sharp and dynamic.
6. Drinking a lot of water improves the intestinal transit

Thanks to a good intestinal transit, the vitamins in your diet are better absorbed. In addition, the digestion is much smoother, so that the waste can leave the body faster. Drinking lots of water is like a refreshing shower for your bowels!
7. Keep weight under control
Drink plenty of water - lose weight

Drinking a lot of water

Those who feel good in their skin have fewer inhibitions and fly through their day more easily. Water is the only drink that contains 0 calories and can still prevent a feeling of hunger. If you drink a glass of water before eating, you automatically eat less. Who replaces his soft drinks with water will be amazed by the positive effect. A hydrated body absorbs less fat from food. It is also more difficult to burn stored fat. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

8. Drinking plenty of water is the best beauty tip

The ultimate beauty product? That is water. A hydrated skin is a radiant skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable. Combine with a moisturizing day cream for the best result. Water is the secret to always be fresh and cheerful for the day to come.
9. Drinking plenty of water helps to prevent a midday dip

Many people feel their attention at work that relax around noon. For most, that is right after lunch. Certainly who eats greasy or who eats heavy meals such as pasta, can sometimes be bothered by it. Do you suffer from a midday dip at work? Then we have this golden tip for you: drink a lot of water. It increases your concentration and increases your energy level.
10. Water is the main lubricant for your joints

Many people suffer from back pain. Whether it is due to stress, due to heavy labor or due to too little exercise. It is a fact that back pain is a typical problem in our Western society. Drinking a lot of water helps prevent arthritis and back pain, among other things. It keeps your joints supple and ensures that everything runs smoothly.
Is drinking a lot of water the only way to get moisture in?

Water is the healthiest, but also from other drinks, from vegetables, fruit and from food, your body gets a lot of moisture. It is true that the more you drink, the faster your waste will be removed. The best thing you can do is avoid sugared soft drinks and limit your coffee consumption to a few cups a day. If you eat relatively healthy, you are doing well!

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