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TIP: 6 Tips to drink more water

Is water healthy? It is the secret of the biggest top models. Do you want a radiant skin? Then you drink water, at least 2 liters per day. But do you meet the recommended amount per day? For anyone who can use some help a few important tips and tricks. Before your water drinker becomes extraordinary, it is good to know what you drink and buy. What, for example, is the difference between tap source and mineral water? You can actually divide water into two categories. Children and drinking water. This way you have water that is naturally pure and suitable for drinking. And water that must be treated chemically to make drinking water, such as tap water. The naturally pure water from the subsoil can be divided into spring water and natural mineral water. Spring water can come from various natural sources, and no demands are made on a constant composition. Natural mineral water must be bottled at the source. The source must be on the packaging. The composition, temperature and quality must be constant. Among others, the Chaudfontaine watermark belongs to the latter category. The more you know ...

Drink water with your meals

Make it a habit to drink a glass of water at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure, for example, that you always have a large bottle of (sparkling) water in the fridge. Nice and refreshing.

Find something that you actually like

Reluctantly taking your water bottle along, nobody will be happy about that. Are you struggle to drink 'just' water? Alternate with a sparkling water, which is now available with natural flavors. Like Chaudfontaine Fusion in the flavors Pompelmoes & Cranberry, Lemon or the new flavors: Lime & Mint and Raspberry & Lime. Yum! Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Learn about where your water comes from

Filtered water or bottled water. To truly appreciate water, you can increase your drinking pleasure. Did you know, for example, that natural mineral water always comes from the same natural source, such as in the town of Chaudfontaine, just across the border in the Belgian Ardennes. The name of the source is recognized and that guarantees a constant quality. Natural mineral water is bottled directly into bottles without treatment as it is taken out of the ground. Through its sustainable water management and careful protection of the source, Chaudfontaine ensures its environment. In addition, Chaudfontaine will support Natuurmonumenten this year to involve as many people as possible in the experience and protection of nature. The 'Pure Nature Projects' initiative by Chaudfontaine draws attention to various projects of Natuurmonumenten: from walking, cycling and canoe routes through nature reserves to a project to protect grassland birds. Love for nature!

Use a straw

Sounds crazy, but scientific research has shown that we drink faster and more when we use a straw. It is worth a try!

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?