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15 Reasons to drink water with lemon

Benefits of drinking a glass of water an an empty stomach. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and therefore citrus fruits with a huge amount of beauty and health benefits. Not only does lemon give you a nice glow from the inside, but research also shows that it contributes to weight loss in the longer term. These kinds of superficial tricks of lemon are nicely included, but more importantly, lemon kills bad bacteria and removes toxins from the body. And the best way to drink it is warm and in the morning. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Hot water with lemon is the perfect wake-me-up. This is because it immediately puts the digestive system to work, which is one of the reasons why people swear by 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day.' In this way, all the substances that have been created at night and toxins that have been formed are immediately flushed out of the body. And this on an empty stomach so you will actually feel more energetic. 
One glass with lemon juice has only 25 calories and is a rich source of calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin A and pectin. This is also found in prunes and is THE way to prevent constipation and diarrhea. 
The reason why we put lemon on for example apple and avocado to prevent it from turning brown is because it has an anti-bacterial effect that works just as well in our body!

- Your immune system is strengthened, reducing the chance of your infections becoming sick and getting sick

- The natural stomach acids in your body stay in balance so your food can be processed effectively (and also faster)

- This also makes fat, lactose and carbohydrates from eating better processed by lemon

- If you have a cold you will get better soon because the 'sick' bacteria are drained faster from your body

- The high potassium content in lemons contributes to healthy brain cells

- If you suffer from pain or infections around your joints, these will be remedied more quickly because lemon counteracts the acids that occur there. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.

-Your liver is strengthened (very good for a hangover ...) because it sends energy to the liver by creating liver enzymes

-If you suffer from stomach acid, lemon is good even though this seems like a bad idea, because it is good natural acids that counteract the unpleasant acids in your stomach

- Say bye bye against acne by drinking lemon and lemon can even with prolonged intake help against the formation of wrinkles

- Lemon is good for the health of your eyes and goes against problems with the eyes

-It is incredibly good after a workout to get the physical salts and electrolytes back in balance. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

It is recommended to drink water with lemon in the morning (and through the day) which is not too cold because it is tiring for your body to warm up. This costs extra energy while you want this cocktail to give you energy!

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