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The 5 signals if you drink too little water

Moisture and drinking water. Actual The 5 signals you drink too little. The 5 signals you drink too little. Everyone knows that you need to get enough moisture every day, but in practice we do not succeed more often than not. If your body gives these 5 signals, it's time to go and watch. And just take that bottle of water. Many people suffer from headache if they drink too little, but did you know that these signals alert you to a moisture shortage? What does water do in your body.

1. Bad breath

Bad breath is sometimes the result of bad (well-behaved) teeth or health problems, but it also indicates that you have not consumed too much. Saliva has properties to fight bacteria. If you are dehydrated, you create less saliva and it is difficult to fight these bacteria.

2. You are confused

When you feel confused or not feeling well, this may be a sign that you have not consumed too much. Being confused is often not a good sign. A few glasses of water can in some cases already help. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

3. Food

Your liver needs water to function properly. If you do not get this enough, your brain will get a signal that you need fuel. This makes it possible for you to eat food when you really need to drink water. Good to remember, if you feel a 'mood'.

4. Your skin is reversing

Water is very good for your skin. Without enough moisture, your skin will lose some of the elasticity and notice that your skin will look worse.

5. You stop sweating

Humidity is needed to sweat, and sweat simply needs a person. By not drinking enough water, your body does not get enough moisture and your body needs to work extra hard to absorb all the moisture. So it's very important to drink enough water so your body can function properly.

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