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How healthy is water from your water cooler Logan with a taste?

Water with a taste

Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. Bio-fruit water apple, Banana flavored water, Vitamin water Lime Lychee, Apple-and-Elderflower water, Water with a touch of blackcurrant: It is almost a challenge to find a bottle water in the supermarket. What is the abundance of taste water? "Drinking flavor water has been a trend for a while, though I'm amazed at the huge amount," says Peter. She explains the popularity of the drinks, partly due to the many bad publicity about sugary soft drinks like coke and Fanta. "Coca-Cola got a bad image. Apple juice is no longer valid as well. Water is still the best thirst lesser, but you just drink water. I therefore understand that producers are pouring massively on taste water. Even Coca-Cola is in the US busy investing in all kinds of other drinks. " Great tasting water made from your own tap from the water cooler Logan.


Also, supermarkets who has been selling bottles of mint with mint and lemon slices for years, plays in on this trend: recently fourteen products in this category have been added to the assortment. AH spokesman Menno van der Vlist said: "Customers are becoming more aware of their health and are therefore critical of, among other things, the sugar content of a product. They are mostly looking for a drink that does not contain any calories or sweeteners, but not as boring as water. Taste water is a healthier alternative to soft drinks and juices. "

Unlimited drinking

But is a bottle of Vitamin Water, Spa Fruit or AH Water Wallie the Whale a healthier choice than a glass of soda? Drink more clean water from your water cooler Logan. And can you feel unimpeded as much of drinking as water? "That differs greatly per product," says nutrition and health expert Astrid Postma-Smeets of the Nutrition Center. "Instead of a regular soda, such a drink with less calories or less sugar is an improvement, but you should check the labels to see how healthy something is. Vitamin water and some variants of Spa Fruit contain 20 calories per 100 ml. That is, though, less than sugary soft drinks, but both drinks deliver calories, and they consist mainly of carbohydrates: sugars. Calculate how much water you should drink. And some drinks have added vitamins and minerals, but you can get it from ordinary food. "


Without a label check, it is sometimes difficult to determine if a drink is good for you. Vitamin water is recommended as "low in calories", "without artificial color, odor and flavors", but contains "natural mineral water", among other things, fructose, which is just sugar. AH bottle of 'AH natural' mineral water with strawberry mint flavor does not contain sugar and counts 0 calories, just like water. If you only put on the promises on the packaging, a wrong choice has been made quickly. Nevertheless, producers can put their taste water on the market, says VU professor Jaap Seidell: "Say that a drink is enriched with, for example, vitamins, stomachs. In the past, you even had calcium-enriched cola intended for women in the transition that suffered from bone remedies. Nothing healthy, but say something that is enriched is a nutrition claim. To suggest that a drink is healthier than water or that corrodes cardiovascular disease should not be: such health claims must be proven. The only way to know how it is is to check labels. "

Pure marketing

The healthy image of many drinks is therefore pure marketing, says Seidell. "Vitamin water is just sugar water. It gives you the impression that you drink something very healthy because vitamins are added, but that's nonsense. The amount of vitamins is very limited and it is often the vitamins that you lack. " On the other hand, with spa that has driven fruit or mint, nothing is wrong, says the professor. "The only downside is that it's two thousand times as expensive as when you would make it yourself. There are so many minerals in the water from a water cooler Logan. We can do a cucumber at home and fill a bottle, which is also more environmentally friendly, but if someone has already done it for us, we'll buy that. Certainly when we're on our way. " 6 Facts about drinking water.

Sugar in soda

The Nutrition Center started this week with a campaign to raise awareness of the sugar they get through unnoticed juice, fruit drink and soda. "Soft drinks and juice manufacturers have agreed to stop ten percent less sugar in their drinks by 2020, but that's only a little. Still, many packs of 200 ml contain 3 to 5 sugar beans. Fortunately, drinking water is becoming more normal. Taste water helps to change it. " At some elementary schools it is forbidden to bring soda, but children keep themselves sweet. Then taste water is a good alternative, says Ammerlaan. "With this you have the idea that you spoil your children, but then healthier. Millennials drank cola as a pampering now it's water with a taste. "

Taste water hype

According to Peter, the taste water hype is still not over. "In France and Austria, you can see all homemade lemonades, in addition to the famous Spritzer, bubbles with syrup. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Logan. Great fun served, in a nice glass bar next to you as you would do with wine. The catering industry in Australia can learn something about it. " "I think we will see a lot more variety of flavors and interesting new flavor combinations that are less sweet. If you want to pamper yourself, take a nice tasting or lemonade, and if you're thirsty, drink your water. " Truth about drinking water.

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Do you want to lose weight? Drink a lot of water from your water cooler Logan!

It is not a publicity slogan, but it is one of the best methods (though not so practical) to lose a few (excess) kilos. Of course, water is not a panacea. It is not that if you neatly drink two liters of water every day, you can go unlimited at the table without arriving. Drinking lots of water from your water cooler Logan is only effective if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are reading an interview with a body building champion or with the top model of the moment ... When asked what they do to stay in shape, they will certainly answer: 'a balanced diet, exercise and lots and lots of water ... "

Why is water so good for our body now? Why can water help us to get rid of those excess kilos?

First of all, water has a mechanical function. If you drink a lot of water, you will feel full sooner and you will feel less hungry than if you walk around with an empty stomach. Try to drink two or three glasses of water from your water cooler Logan before each meal and you will see that you have less appetite at the table and therefore eat less.

Moreover, various scientific studies show that the metabolism decreases if the body is short of water. And everyone knows what happens with a slow metabolism! It is the first step to surplus pounds. Drinking lots of water helps to keep the 'water level' of our body at a good level and ensures that our metabolism works optimally.

Furthermore, if our body has a shortage of water, it tends to retain moisture and salt. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. It is a kind of defense mechanism. By drinking a lot of water, the body can afford to retain less water and our weight decreases.

Water also has a 'cleansing' function for our body. Drinking plenty of water from your water cooler Logan keeps the 'engine' clean because waste that otherwise accumulates is removed.

We hope that we have convinced you, if only partially, of the effective functioning of water ... Then we come to the following question: how much water do we actually have to drink per day?

Try to drink two or three glasses of water every few hours. Without exaggerating of course (if you exceed a certain limit, the extra water you drink no longer has much benefit and could even be harmful to your organism). 6 Facts about drinking water. Always try to have a bottle of water with you. Also place a glass of water next to your bed so that you can also drink at night if you wake up feeling thirsty. Because thirst is disastrous for our body and you are actually too late when you are thirsty with drinking.

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Finally, we would like to remind you that our advice is general advice that, as a rule, applies to everyone, but that must always be assessed - by each individual individually - based on their own personal situation. Consult your doctor if you want to follow a diet or change your eating and drinking habits. Calculate how much water you should drink.

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