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You should drink so many glasses of water a day in warm weather

Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? We sweat a bit with this warm weather and that means that you have to supplement the moisture supply of your body. But how many glasses of water do you really have to drink with this warm weather? The Nutrition Center recommends taking a glass of water every hour with this heat, even if you are not thirsty. Lemon water healthy and delicious. Then you would have to end up with about 2 liters of water a day. Especially in warm weather you really need 2 liters per day. Healthy eating practices. Fruit water.


The American Mayo Clinic goes one step further: the organization has calculated what the average number of glasses of water is that you should - ideally - get inside one day. According to the clinic, men should drink 13 glasses of water a day (about 3 liters) and women 9 glasses (about 2.2 liters). But because it can vary considerably per person how much water you need, they have come up with a formula to calculate it for yourself. Take your weight and divide it by 30: the outcome would be the number of liters of water you need about a day.

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The 5 things that help with blemished skin

My skin has cures, the restless kind. It looks a bit unclean, especially on and around the chin. So work on the shop. These are the five simple strategies that benefit your skin.

1. Drink water from your water cooler Logan Village
You already knew this, but drinking enough water improves circulation and keeps your skin smoother and more elastic. Keep about two to three liters of water a day from your water cooler Logan Village.

2. A beauty boot camp
I know from experience that this works. Book a course of connective tissue massages for face and neck and you look two years younger, and with a little luck three. The specialist on duty also immediately checks some imperfections on your face, five treatments later there is no more blocked pore.

3. Red wine
The cork can be taken off the bottle because research into the effect of red wine on acne could well turn out well. The peel of the blue grape contains the substance resveratrol, which has an anti-bacterial effect in the skin. The research is talking about smearing on the skin, but hey, you hear that.

4. Outside
With your head in the wind, because clean air, walking and some oxygen are good for blood circulation (and actually for your entire body). But in the meantime, don't forget to protect against the sun, because that will cause you long-term damage (read: wrinkles).

5. Go to bed
Your skin is a reflection of how you feel. So it may just be that you are sleep deprived, not eating healthy enough or hormones that are out of balance. The fitter you are, the more beautiful the skin, it's that simple. With sleep, the skin repairs itself.

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