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All cells in our body depend entirely on sufficient and clean water

Is water healthy? Healthy eating is important, drinking sufficiently clean water (about 30 ml per kilogram of body weight) is even more important. We are for 3/4 out of water. The ultimate signal you drink too little is never thirsty! Our total biochemistry and all substances that flow into and out of our cells to keep us healthy, vital, slim and happy are dependent on our cheapest medicine: water!

The average Australian receives a large part of his daily calorie intake from drinking, on average about 20-25%. Unfortunately, this is often not water but comes from calorie-rich drinks; These are empty calories we take in this way, we do not get any energy. The most annoying may be that they do not give a sense of saturation. For example, we get too much calories as we eat less of these liquid calories. It may sound strange because it's "drinking something for the cosines" so in our social life it's built. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Ilbilbie. Realize that the only drink that has no negative impact on our weight, brain and our health water, herbal tea, green and black tea, a good glass of red wine at the meal, very little coffee and occasional sour, unsweetened Dairy drink is. Fruit juices contain many healthy substances but, unfortunately, increase the blood sugar levels. Therefore, they are not recommended for our weight and blood sugar levels. Fruit just like fruit food does not have this effect because the fibers in the fruit lead to the increase in blood sugar levels. Because of the healthy image of green tea some people drink some of it. However, it contains, like other teas, caffeine and tannic acid. Too much caffeine gives an increased production of stress hormones, too much acidification and increased excretion of minerals. Too much tannic acid binds many minerals. There are so many minerals in the water from your Water Cooler Ilbilbie. A few cups a day are good and enough.

Important to know about water:

Actually I should drink more water. Drinking water without drinking your minerals is also not healthy. Be sure to buy a water-retardant filter that also filters out important minerals like calcium and magnesium. By drinking too much you lose many minerals too. This could solve you by solving a small spoon of sol (easy by solving Celtic or Himalayan salt in water) by doing a bottle of water or pot of tea. Stir this before using it.

Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, black tea do NOT count on your moisture intake.

Having a full glass of water all the time. Lukewarm or warm water (in the form of water or tea) is better for digestion than cold water. Your body should drink a lot of energy when warming up water. For people who already have low (digestive) energy, hot water is therefore a better option. Even though it is very hot outside, you might prefer hot drinks. Do not wait until you have thirst but drink your liquids throughout the day. Many people do not drink because they do not have thirst. In the long run, this stimulus is so extinguished that there is almost no thirst throttle and it is hardly any drunk. Still, water is perhaps our best and cheapest medicine there. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Ilbilbie. How many complaints do not solve simply by drinking more water? Because water is so important to our health, there are now many winged statements about water in circulation:

       - You're not sick, you're thirsty
       - You're not hurt, you're thirsty
       - You're not depressed, you're thirsty
       - You're not tired, you're thirsty.
       - You're not tired, you're thirsty. (Our body 'confuses' thirst with trek: so we go to eat a lot more if we drink too little, resulting in excessive weight)

Tips to drink more water. And so we can continue with this kind of example. People who do not have a thirst throng will have to "force" themselves for the first time to regain moisture. After a couple of days really 30 ml. Per kilogram of body weight, the thirst throttle usually returns. Just try it out for a few weeks and see what complaints are taking place.

Especially when the weather is hot enough moisture is even more important! Get headache with hot weather, have dark urine or hold moisture in the ankles are very often signs that drinking is too short on hot days. Herb tea we often call tea but it's basically no tea. This because it does not originate from the tea plant. If you drink herbal tea it is important not to drink too much of one herb. We have introduced quite a few chemicals in our environment over the last 50-60 years. Think of drugs, cosmetics, pesticides, drugs, chlorine, mercury, solvents, fertilizers, etc. All these substances are summarized under the name "xeno biotics" or "strange to life." The core of these substances, which mainly affects our hormonal system, is that they are very difficult to degrade (neither by the environment nor by our bodies). The air, the oceans *, our food, our groundwater and our tap water are now very. Some of these xeno biotics. So much so that the water treatment companies cannot filter out any more. Certainly, in a longer period of drought (but also in areas where aging and wake up drug use are higher), the level of unwanted environmental toxicity and medication increases in our tap water, see also this RIVM report. Due to the high costs of extra water treatment, is it unlikely that there will be a lot of change in the short term? See this same report. It's quite shocking to see what special water filters you can put on your own faucet at home: filter out contraceptives, antibiotics, analgesics, anti epileptic drugs, chlorine, lead, copper, pesticides and even bacteria like E- Coli, Streptoccus Aur. Etc. See this example of filtered water from tap water: water solutions. Time everybody gets his own water filter at home? Or time we are going to focus on how we deal with this Earth, the animals and our food? Or both? Every day we can influence the quality of our future water: by doing honest, organic and clean food in our shopping basket. Do you choose the chicken where Wakker Dier still fights, or for the breeding salmon? Or do you choose unprocessed vegetables, for eggs or meat of animals that have run away? You will find plenty of information about this in my newest book, "Everything Is about Your Hormones."
As a result of your health, I would always recommend using a water filter that leaves the minerals in your drinking water. Drink water from your Water Cooler Ilbilbie. Our nutrition now contains so few minerals through processing / refining of food and soil degradation (eg due to the high use of fertilizers and plant protection products) that sufficient water is an important source of minerals and trace elements for us. 2015 is not proclaimed until the year of the soil: it is time to think about us because the soil is literally and figuratively our basis when it comes to our health. The main functions of water in our bodies are all directly related to homeostasis: with the ability of our body to return to the healthy situation in any changing circumstances.

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Did you know that we each receive about 4.5 kilos of synthetic chemicals each year? Fortunately, our bodies clear up a lot on their own. This is how yoga postures and drinking enough water support your body's purifying power.

Toxins: what about?

Every day we receive synthetic chemicals through our food (sprayed and processed food, drinking water), breath (air pollution) and skin (clothing, cosmetics). And then we also produce toxins ourselves: during digestion and in periods of long-term stress, residues are created that, when they remain in the body, cause damage.

Our body is naturally able to render these substances harmless and excrete. The problem is that our modern lifestyle and eating style hinders this natural cleaning mechanism. We spend a lot of time sitting or stressed and have started eating more light and ready-to-eat convenience foods.

The result: obesity and disease, make sure you are drinking enough from your water cooler Ilbilbie

Our liver can no longer properly perform its usual task if there is an excessive supply of toxins. The liver is our most important cleaning organ, it filters the blood and determines which substances are harmful and must be excreted. If the liver is overworked, it will store toxins in the fat cells instead of rendering them harmless and draining. This storage of substances harms the hormone balance, the brain, the nervous system and the absorption of nutrients. The result: obesity and disease.

The importance of drinking pure water

It is therefore important to exercise sufficiently, eat healthily and drink pure water from your water cooler Ilbilbioe, so that waste products leave the body in a dosed manner. Preferably drink filtered water. A water filtered water cooler, such as from Prestige Water, improves the quality of tap water by filtering organic contaminants and taste and odor-disturbing substances, such as lime, from the water. By filtering tap water instead of buying plastic bottles, you opt for sustainability and you do not unnecessarily increase your ecological footprint.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?