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Tip: Why you always need to drink water when you get up in the morning

Japanese women have been doing it for years: immediately drink a glass of water when they wake up. And they say it really helps to stay healthier. The ritual is really a part of Japanese culture and it is scientifically proven that drinking a glass of water immediately when you wake up helps a number of ailments. For example, in Japan, few people suffer from obesity and diabetes. We can therefore learn something from that. Drinking plenty of clean water.


Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Our body consists of 70% water, so it is important to keep drinking water so that your body continues to work well. If you do not drink enough, it can affect your health in the short and long term. Then we are talking about: migraines, infections on your throat and tonsils, upset stomach, high blood pressure and kidney problems. By immediately drinking a glass of water from your Water Cooler Holroyd when you are awake, you can prevent this.


By drinking water every morning, you rinse the harmful substances out of your body so that you start the day fresh and healthy. It also ensures a better metabolism, which is useful if you have just started a new diet. And it is not only good for your health, but drinking plenty of water can also make your hair healthy and shiny.

How do you handle that?

Drink 160 ml of water 4 times immediately when you are awake. Before you have brushed your teeth and on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything for the next 45 minutes. Are you unable to drink four glasses at once? Then start with a glass of water from your Water Cooler Holroyd and build it up until you reach the 640 ml. And then the benefits will automatically be clear.

Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.


Why is Filtered Water so Important?