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Who has trouble drinking two liters of water per day

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Do you belong to the group of people who - with the best of the world - really do not come to the recommended one and a half liters of water per day? Then you can also record it during dinner. These ingredients are full of it. When it's hot, you sweat more and you lose more fluid. That is why it is important to drink a lot and maintain your fluid balance. But for some people - despite attempts to work with a bottle of water next to them - it is not feasible to completely drink up the recommended one and a half to two liters of water from your Water Cooler Greenslopers. Healthy drinks instead of water.


The Flemish dietitian Sanne Mouha, author of 'Healthy cooking for one', emphasizes that drinking water is important, but the right nutrition can help to get enough fluid. "Drinking water is the best, although the water you absorb through food will definitely make something," she says. "There is a lot of water in all types of fruit. Think especially of citrus fruits, watermelon, but also in berries, tomatoes, and so on. The water content is also high in everything from vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, ...), "she says.

The ideal meal

The ideal meal according to Mouha in this kind of weather? A fresh salad full of vegetables and fruit. "Fill your plate with vegetables - smoked, steamed or raw - and pour a tomato sauce over it. You can also serve pineapple for extra moisture in the meal. "According to Mouha, there is currently another ingredient important in our meals. "Adding a bit of salt ensures that the moisture is absorbed better," she says. For dessert you can choose sorbet ice cream. "There is more water than in ordinary ice." Another tip: make your own infused drinks, which are more exciting than just water and easier to enter. Aslo drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Greenslopers.

What about hot food?

Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. During a heat wave you do not have to change your diet very much. The Australian nutrition scientist and author of 'Eat as an Expert', also says that drinking a lot of water is most important. "There is no scientific research available that shows that one food is better or worse when it is full of summer. "Eat or drink hot instead of cold, then you will sweat more. That sweat then has a cooling effect because the drops evaporate, "she says. Use the hot and cold water tap from your Water Cooler Greenslopers. A spicy soup can not do more harm than a cold tea in that respect. She adds that you are usually less hungry in the summer than in the winter for the simple reason "that your body has to make less effort to stay on temperature". Why drinking water is good for your hair.

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Drinking healthy water from your water cooler Greenslopers

Having a full glass of water all the time. Water and oxygen are our first necessities. We can't go a day without it. Drinking water is therefore (rightly!) Seen as a very healthy habit. Yet we do not drink the amount of water that is required per day. Why that should be and how you do that is the challenge of day 1 of the Water challenge. This is the profit of more!

We often link healthy food to food. Fruit, vegetables, fish and whole meal bread ... all eat. We are not talking about drinking, while that is just as important. The water in our body is the means of transport of all nutrients, it ensures that it can excrete waste and it regulates body temperature. Drinking water all day long is therefore important. Yoiur skin and drinking water.

Drinking water does not always help with losing weight

Water would also be important to slim down, you read everywhere. But is that correct too? No. Water is involved in all sorts of body processes, from breathing to bowel movements. But it has nothing to do with our weight. To lose weight, it does not help to drink glasses full of water; fat does not dissolve in water and water does not flush away fat. However, water can ensure that you feel full, so that you eat less. And while we are busy, there is another fable here: water does not prevent wrinkles. Use a good sun protection for your skin and a water bottle against dehydration on a hot and sunny day.

Feeling blocked; water does help

Most of the fluid that we drink is absorbed by the intestines and excreted in the urine. The stools hold a small part of the water. If the body is short of water, more fluid is extracted from the gut or skin. This can lead to constipation and dry skin. That is why drinking water from your water cooler Greenslopers is so important for good bowel movements.
There is another reason that drinking water is important for proper bowel movements. We often eat extra fiber (good!), But then forget to drink extra water (not good!). Fiber is a type of sponge that attracts moisture. Anyone who eats high-fiber but does not drink much will inadvertently cause more clogging.

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How much water do I need?

We need 2 liters of fluid from your water cooler Greenslopers every day. A liter of fluid comes from our diet, such as fruit, vegetables such as tomatoes or soup. We need to get that extra liter with water, tea and coffee.

What happens if you drink too little?

A water shortage can lead to dizziness, headache, fatigue and less concentration. In the case of a large deficiency you dry out, for example this is accompanied by fainting.

Can you also drink too much water?

You and no. You don't drink too much if you spread the drink over the day. Your body is good at maintaining the water balance. If you drink a lot of water in a short time, for example two liters in half an hour, that is certainly harmful. Your blood thins too quickly and the body cannot cope. The concentration of salts in the blood decreases and you have too much water in the body. There is then acute hyponatremia, water poisoning. Better health with Prestige Water.

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