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Drink more often lemon juice water

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Lemons taste sour and are therefore not at the top of the shopping list when stocking fruit. But there is every reason to eat this yellow fruit more often, because it has a positive effect on your health in many ways.

A slice of lemon with a nice drink: we like that. But the loose eating of lemons, not everyone likes that. Why drinking water is good for your hair. Yet you should do that more often. Lemons are packed with vitamin C and also contain the vitamins B1, B2 and B11 (folic acid). Furthermore, the minerals calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and manganese are found in lemons. And thus, eating lemons brings many health benefits. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Greenbank.

Lower blood sugar and blood pressure

Take for example the fabric hesperetin in lemons. This helps to lower your blood sugar level. Even if you have diabetes, it is therefore good to regularly eat a lemon. This also applies if you suffer from high blood pressure, where the mineral potassium has a beneficial effect. And eating fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, such as lemons and oranges, also helps to reduce the chance of getting a cardiovascular disease.

Glass of lemon water

The acid in the lemon not only gives this yellow fruit its fresh taste, but also helps you to produce more urine. This reduces the chance that you will suffer from kidney or gallstones. And your liver is also happy with lemons. Therefore, drink a glass of lemon water in the morning to keep your liver healthy. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.
Booster for your immune system. Healthy drinks instead of water.

With that, the list of health benefits of eating (or drinking) lemons is far from complete. It also gives a boost to your immune system, which protects your body against flu, colds and other diseases that make you temporarily less or not at all able to exercise.

Clean intestines

Furthermore, lemons have a beneficial effect on your intestines: it stimulates intestinal peristalsis, a movement that makes your intestines transport food through your body. It keeps your bowels clean, allowing your body to continue to absorb nutrients better. Eating lemons is also good for your bowel movements. Healty drink water from your Water Cooler Greenbank.

Against anemia and allergies

Eating lemons also helps to prevent anemia. The substances vitamin C and citric acid together ensure that your body can absorb iron from food better, so that you do not get short of it. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Greenbank. Even if you suffer from an allergy, it is good to eat lemon: it does not make your allergy disappear, but it does give relief, especially if you suffer from itching.

Rinse mouth

One disadvantage of eating lemons is that your teeth will become less happy. The citric acid can affect your tooth enamel, causing you to suffer more quickly from a cavity or tooth decay. You can prevent this by rinsing your mouth with water immediately after eating or drinking lemon (juice), never brush your teeth immediately before or after eating or drinking lemon (juice), and by drinking lemon juice from a glass with a straw, so that your front teeth do not come into contact with it.

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24 hours fruit and vegetable detox and drinking from your water cooler Greenbank

Much is said about detoxing. Is it good? Or not at all? The purpose of a detox is to detoxify it. So it makes your body clean. I came up with a 24 hour detox, which is mainly based on fruit and vegetables. It is also not one day, but 24 hours. So if you start the night before, you can eat something again at the end of the day of the detox. That way you don't have to go to bed hungry.

I would just like to say that nobody knows exactly the pros and cons. So I can't tell you if it's good or bad for you.

The benefits of detox can include:

    Increased energy
    To lose weight
    Improved mental state
    Breaking patterns easier
    The disappearance of complaints and diseases

Disadvantages can be:

    Little energy
    Losing weight is temporary
    Lower resistance
    Hunger and appetite


    The detox is from 9:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    Drink green tea at 9:00 PM (in the beginning) and in the morning, use the hot water tap from your water cooler Greenbank. Water, an essential nutrient
    Drink only water, green tea, or juice made from fruits and vegetables
    Until 16:00 you only eat fruit and vegetables
    Small things like nuts, hummus, and whole wheat products are allowed to a small extent with dinner
    You don't eat anything from dinner until 9:00 PM
    Eat detox before and after the 24 hours and do not eat large amounts
    You don't eat anything between breakfast, lunch, the two snacks and dinner

My 24 hour detox

An example of how I completed this detox.

21:00 green tea

You can still eat until 21:00. Preferably as "detoxproof" as possible, so without large amounts of salt, saturated fat, alcohol, added sugar and gluten. Instead of quickly eating a pizza in advance, you can think of a sandwich with peanut butter, crackers with hummus or some nuts. At 9:00 PM you drink green tea and you don't eat anything else. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Of course, you can drink green tea and water afterwards, because this is always allowed during the detox.

09:00 breakfast

    Two mandarins
    A tomato

The next morning you start with a minimal breakfast. We do this to start quietly.

11:00 snack

    A whole pepper

13:00 lunch: smoothie

    Two bananas
    1/3 cucumber
    Frozen fruit (mango, pineapple)
    Splash of lemon juice
    Half a glass of water from my water cooler Greenbank

This lunch is still surprisingly filling. This is because it contains two whole bananas. These together bring about 250 kilo calories. Not very much, but of course compared to breakfast!

16:00 snack

    A handful of unsalted cashew nuts

Until here we only ate fruit and vegetables. From now on it is less strict. Just make sure the cashews are unsalted!

6:00 pm dinner: meal salad

    Bottom cooked pasta
    Iceberg lettuce
    Sun dried tomato

Here too, everything is no longer fruit and vegetables. We have now added pasta, sun dried tomato and hummus as an extra. Make sure that the pasta is whole wheat and preferably gluten-free.

Until 21: you don't eat anything anymore. After this, you can eat other things. Make sure you build up quietly. So also choose a healthy evening snack here. A huge meal is currently too heavy for your body and it could affect the detox effect. I took dark chocolate myself. This is a great snack for after 9:00 PM.

This detox is only suitable for 24 hours and not several days in a row. This could lead to shortages.

Good luck!

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