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TIP: 36 Tips to get more energy

How do I get more energy. Would you rather lie in the wool in the morning? Until noon if possible? Then it is high time for an energy boost. Why filter tap water. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Glen Innes. Change some daily habits and become one piece of energy.

  1. Change socks every after noon, you immediately feel fresher.
  2. Start your day with happy music (Tip: the new from Carly Rae Jepsen, I Really Like You). Works like a charm!
  3. Keep in mind your biological clock. Are you as fresh as a dick in the morning? Then just do your most important work.
  4. Eat a piece of chocolate. Euh, no problem ...
  5. Eat a power snack with yogurt, berries and nuts in the afternoon.
  6. Keep a brief gossip at the coffee machine and put your mind at zero.
  7. Eat a lot of red, blue or purple berries: they are full of antioxidants that will instantly revive you.
  8. Wear bright colors, people become happier of you and so will behave in your environment.
  9. Do a power nap, preferably on a chair for about 5 to 10 minutes. (Or on the toilet, otherwise your boss will not be so happy ...)
  10. Use lavender aroma in your work environment, it keeps you sharper.
  11. Always get up at about the same time (also in the weekend). Also go to sleep around the same hour.
  12. Drink a lot of water from your Water Cooler Glen Innes. If you drink too little water, you are more tired.
  13. Dose your caffeine intake. Once you get used to the caffeine, it will not have much effect on your body. So limit yourself to 1 to 2 bags per day.
  14. Avoid energy drinks. Alkaline water, is the nature of water. They ultimately - ironically - cause a shortage of energy.
  15. Try to avoid fast sugars (soft drinks, sweets, potatoes ...) and go for slow sugars such as fruits, vegetables, grains and whole meal pastes. They give you a slower energy boost that lasts longer.
  16. Eat enough fiber-rich food. It slows the intake of sugars and thus ensures a longer energy boost.
  17. Make sure you get enough vitamin C: it gives you energy and ensures that your body absorbs more nutrients. Kiwi, lemon, broccoli ... to the rescue!
  18. Citrus scents make you more alert. Eat a citrus every day and smell the fruit as you peel them.
  19. Include enough vitamin B in your diet (mackerel, feta cheese, eggs ...). This way your blood sugars are converted into usable energy.
  20. Play a game in time. Sudoku or other brain snacks keep you alert for longer.
  21. Eat multiple small meals a day. Go rather for five small portions than three large mountains of food.
  22. Enjoy a tea bag in time. Black tea in particular makes you less susceptible to daily stress. 10 am = tea time!
  23. Splash cold water in your face (use waterproof mascara!), Or take a cold shower.
  24. Occasionally straight to stretch and breathe properly, you get a fresh feeling.
  25. Get organized! You can not work well in a messy environment. Consequence: it eats energy!
  26. Stay positive and learn to put things into perspective. This way you waste less energy analyzing each bad thing and you can focus on the positive points.
  27. Take a day of and do only what you want. Then you can go back to work with full enthusiasm. What drinking water really does for your skin.
  28. Breakfast as an emperor and go for a light lunch. So you do not suffer from an afternoon dip.
  29. Choose proteins over fats and carbohydrates. They ensure that your energy level remains stable. There are so many minerals in the water from your Water Cooler Glen Innes.
  30. Fall off in a natural way. If you lose a few pounds by drinking more water and eating healthier, you will automatically feel more energetic.
  31. Put the radio on softly (if it's allowed by your boss). That way you work more productively.
  32. Move a little every day. Even if it is by sprinting to the platform, or by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Every bit helps.
  33. Go for more sex, and get the ultimate endorphin rush.
  34. Sport earlier in the morning than in the evening.
  35. Be realistic about your to-do list. Delete things that are unnecessary and only do the most necessary.
  36. Try to eat outside in the afternoon or take a short walk.

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Healthy drink water from your water cooler Glen Innes

It is a fact that water cannot be missed in human life. Without food you can live for about five weeks, while you can only live for a week without water. Sixty percent of our body consists of water and this is desperately needed. Every body process needs water. The organs, tissue and cells all consist of water. We simply cannot function without water! Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

Check whether you drink too much or too little water

It is important that the balance between the intake of water and the loss of water from your body is good. If you drink too much water, your kidneys will secrete this. How do you easily find out if you drink too much or too little? Very simple. Take a good look at your urine. If your urine is too dark, then you drink too little and if your urine is clear, you have absorbed enough fluid.

Do not drink only when you are thirsty

Your body will clearly indicate when spring moisture is needed. You will feel thirsty. The moment you get a thirsty feeling it is actually too late. Your body needs moisture for this. It is therefore also important to provide your body with moisture throughout the day. If you only start drinking when there is thirst, you walk behind and in this way you run out of fluid.

How much is really enough?

With drinking from your water cooler Glen Innes it is of course important to know how much water you can have during the entire day. An average adult person loses around nine coffee cups of fluid every day. This happens in different ways. Urinating, perspiring, breathing and relief are the main causes. The body needs water, but how much? This all depends on a number of factors, such as body weight, dry air, diet, illness, exercise and the number of calories consumed. On average, a person needs around two to three liters of fluid every day. If you eat healthy and water-rich food, it will quickly save you around 1 liter of water. Take that into account. Drinks such as, tea, milk and juices already consist mainly of water, so you can simply include this. On the other hand, alcohol and coffees ensure that you lose a lot of moisture, because you start peeing more. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

Sports drinks and water from your water cooler Glen Innes

When practicing a sport it is important that you keep the fluid balance up to date by continuing to drink well. If you are going to exercise for less than an hour, you can easily supplement this with water in your body. If you are going to exercise longer, it is important that you continue to replenish the body substances of sodium, sugars and potassium in your body. Use a sports drink for this, it contains all these good body substances and so everything stays up to standard.

Tips for a good moisture balance

  • When exercising, drink approximately a quarter of a liter of water every twenty minutes
  • Try to keep drinking before, during and after exercise
  • If water becomes too tasteless and monotonous, add a slice of lemon
  • Eat a cup of soup as a starter before meals
  • Make sure you have a bottle of water with you at all times
  • Drink juice, water or milk with your meal

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