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Drinking Water is very important

It is a fact that water is not to be missed in human life. Without food you can spend about five weeks while you can live without water for at least one week. Sixty percent of our body consists of water and it is also necessary. Everybody process needs water. The organs, tissues and cells all consist of water. Without water, we simply do not work! Truth about drinking water.

Check if you drink too much or too little water

It is important that the balance between the intake of water from your Water Cooler Euramo and the loss of water from your body is good. If you drink too much water, your kidneys will separate it. How do you easily find out if you drink too much or too little? Very simple. Check your urine well. If your urine is too dark then you drink too little and your urine is clear than you have enough moisture until you take it.

Do not drink alone if you have thirst

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Your body will clearly indicate when spring moisture is needed. You will get a thirsty feeling. The moment you get a thirsty feeling is actually too late. Your body needs moisture for it. It is therefore also important to keep your body moisturized throughout the day. If you only drink from your Water Cooler Euramo when it's thirsty, you'll be back and you will not get any moisture.

How much is real enough now?

Of course, drinking is important to know how much water you can have throughout the day. An average adult person loses about nine coffee cups of moisture each day. This happens in different ways. Pulling, perspiration, breathing and stooling are the main causes. The body needs water, but how much? This all depends on a number of factors, such as body weight, dry air, diet, disease, effort and amount of calories consumed. On average, humans need about two to three liters of moisture each day. Calculate how much water you should drink. When you eat healthy and watery foods until you take it soon, it's a liter of water. Keep that in mind. Drinks like tea, milk and juices are mainly water, so you can just imagine it. On the other hand, alcohol and coffee types cause you to lose a lot of moisture because you are going to pee more.

Sports drinks and water

When practicing a sport, it is important that you keep the moisture balance up to date by keeping drinking well. If you are going to exercise for less than an hour, you can easily add this with water in your body. If you are going to exercise for a long time, it is important to keep the body substances of, for example, sodium, sugars, potassium, well in your body. Use a sports drink, which includes all of these good body fabrics, and this will keep things going well. 6 Facts about drinking water. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Euramo.

Tips for a good moisture balance

    Drink about a quarter of a liter of water from your Water Cooler Euramo every 20 minutes
    Try to keep drinking before, during and after sports
    If water becomes tasteless and one-toned, add a slice of lemon
    Eat a cup of soup as a starter for the meal
    Make sure you have a bottle of water at all times
    Drink juice, water or milk while eating

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