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TIP : This is why you are so hungry all day after drinking alcohol

Does the hunger sound like a recognizable scenario after an evening of drinking? You drink a few drinks too much and on arrival you devour everything you find in the fridge. A few points of leftover pizza, a bowl of cold pasta or just some Nutella spoons - straight from the pot. Everything to satisfy that uncontrollable hunger. Actually I should drink more water. After this you go to bed with a reassured stomach, to wake up again the next morning with an uneasy feeling of hunger. Did not you have eaten the whole fridge a few hours ago? Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Eltham.

Junk food

The reason for that hunger is the following:
Alcohol affects your blood sugar level, so you can feel that after a few drinks you are hungry when this is not the case. Because your blood sugar undergoes a temporary dip due to alcohol, your body tries to restore it in the following hours. This fluctuation in your glucose can cause a hungry feeling. In addition, dehydration plays a role. Alcohol works diuretic, so you have to urinate more when you drink (aha!). If you do not supplement your reserves below, you will suffer from the well-known disadvantage. Some people easily confuse thirst with hunger, making them eat more to get rid of this thirsty feeling.

Of course, this only has the opposite effect. Especially a combination of these causes gives you that urge to put everything in your mouth at your fingertips. If you do not tackle the main problem, you will continue to feel that hunger (which is very likely to be thirsty). At the same time your body works very hard to break down the alcohol, so your body needs more energy than normal. Bad sleep, for example due to alcohol, naturally also affects your hunger the next day. What kind of water to drink. Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Eltham.

The best thing you can do when you come home from a night out - if you still do not know - is simply to drink enough water. Eat a hearty breakfast the next morning with good nutrients such as vitamin B12, thiamine and folic acid. Filter your tap water with your Water Cooler Eltham. The alcohol makes it difficult for your body to absorb this, so make it easy for your body to choose food that contains a lot of it, such as eggs, cheese, legumes and nuts. Sufficient food and drink after you have drunk (too much) can significantly reduce the risk of having a hangover.

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Detoxing your body during the spring: that's why it's important. Drink more from your water cooler Eltham

A healthy body is a pure body. That is why it is advisable to do a detox now and then. Everyone wants to feel good during the hot summer days. Spring is therefore the perfect time to detox your body, so that you are fully prepared for summer. An occasional thorough cleansing of your body only brings benefits.

What is detoxing?

A detox detoxifies and purifies the body of waste or toxins it doesn't need. It primarily relieves the liver, kidneys and intestines and facilitates digestion. Those wastes come from everyday life. They enter the body through sugary and unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking and even through environmental conditions. These substances ensure that you have to deal with intestinal and digestive problems. Great tasting water from your water cooler Eltham. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. The only way to relieve your body and get rid of the toxins is a detox. And this is why:

1. More energy

Unhealthy lifestyle habits make you more tired. As a result, you often have no energy left to do things. Thanks to a detox, you will feel much more energetic again and you will live more balanced again. Your body recovers and gets more rest again. Ideal to meet the summer days.

2. Less stress

Poor nutrition also puts pressure on your body. This manifests itself in the form of stress, among other things. The stress you experience is of course not only from unhealthy food, but it also plays a major role. Who eats healthy and balanced has a body that is more in harmony, which already reduces the pressure a lot.

3. A radiant skin

During a detox, you should focus on pure, healthy food and hydration. Drinking a lot is therefore very important. Those who drink a lot of water will immediately see this effect on the skin. Water ensures that all toxins are removed from the body, which thoroughly hydrates the skin and gives a beautiful glow.

Having trouble drinking enough water? Prestige Water is a handy alternative that is completely detox proof. It consists of vitamins, fiber and only good ingredients that purify your body. You add it to your water. This way you get that daily amount much faster.

4. Better digestion

Our diet has a huge impact on our organs and our digestive system. You can already imagine that anyone who eats unhealthily must also bear the consequences of it internally. Do you regularly suffer from bloating, abdominal pain or other similar complaints? Then it is high time to detox. Drink plenty from your water cooler Eltham. Water, an essential nutrient.

Our body digests poor food much more slowly, because the waste substances contained therein actually attack our organs. This slows down the digestion process of the food, which then accumulates in the intestines, resulting in blockage. A detox improves your digestion and intestinal flora, because it allows the body to finally get rid of all those toxins.

With a detox you are going to reset your body. All unnecessary substances that you do not need disappear from your system. This allows you to make a fresh and healthy start without any problems during the spring.

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