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The importance of drinking water

We have been able to taste the summer in the past few days! How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Of course it is wonderful to enjoy the warm weather and the sunbeams, but the visits to the gym also continue. In the club it can be slightly warmer than normal on such nice days. That is why it is extremely important to supplement your fluid balance during your training. We explain why this is so important and how you drink easily enough.

Why is enough drinking so important?

Humans exist for the most part from moisture. In women, this is on average 52% and in men even 63%. This is not for nothing, we need moisture for different reasons. For example, moisture ensures that nutrients are absorbed, nutrients and waste are transported and we can properly regulate our body temperature. So drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Cooran. Structural drinking too little can also cause dehydration. In short: enough drinking is desperately needed for our body to function optimally. Lose weight by drinking water.

How much do you have to drink daily?

Moisture is in drinking and eating, but by far the most you get in through drinking. An adult needs an average of 1.5 liters to 2 liters of fluid every day in the form of drinking. How much you exactly need depends on your age and health status, for example. Healthy drink water with minerals from your Water Cooler Cooran. But if it's hot and you have a lot of sport you need a lot more. On a hot day it is advisable to drink at least two liters of water to prevent dehydration. With an hour of intensive exercise you can even lose one to two liters of extra fluid! Fortunately, your body automatically restores fluid balance, if you drink enough from your Water Cooler Cooran.

What can you drink the best?

Healthy drinks instead of water. Water is the purest form of moisture. In addition, coffee and tea also contain 0 calories. Sports drinks are very popular during training. Most sports drinks, unfortunately, contain unnecessary and unhealthy substances, such as sugars and dyes, which can impede the absorption of moisture. This fortunately does not apply to Yanga Sports Water. Yanga contains, among others, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6. These vitamins provide more energy during exercise, a good functioning of the nervous system and a stronger resistance. Our Yanga tap is always open; with seven refreshing flavors there is always a nice taste. And with less than 5 calories per bottle, also a responsible choice. So you always drink enough under your training! Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Cooran.

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