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Drinking Water: Discover the power of pure water!

Drinking water is healthy. We all know that. Because your body consists largely of water and can not be without it. It is a primary and therefore essential fuel. It is involved in all kinds of body processes. It regulates your body temperature and blood pressure, ensures that nutrients come in the right places in your body and contribute to waste disposal¹. In this article why do you need to make your number 1 of water a thirst lesser. It offers endless many health benefits. Hey Read on and discover more about the power of pure water. Of course, I also give you some tips to drink more water from a Water Cooler Broulee.

The human body and water

A human being consists largely of water. Men for about 60% and women for about 55%. The difference between both sexes is because men generally have more muscle mass. But, also length and weight affect the amount. In addition, the brain consists of almost 90% of water, your heart and lungs for about 79% and you live 70%. The drizzle is your bones and teeth. These contain 22% and 10% water, respectively. And ... if I tell you that you can survive without water for up to four days, you will not be surprised. Water is simply indispensable for your body to work optimally and thus keep it healthy.

Discover the Power of Water Drinking: 10 Health Benefits! Truth about drinking water.

1. Weight loss

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Do not forget to carry the bottle of water with you? Why? Because drinking water is a good replacement for calorie-rich soft drinks and fruit juices. Then it also seems to suppress the appetite and to cope with it ². After all, it happens quite often that hunger and thirst are confused. Finally, studies show that drinking half a liter of water increases your metabolism rate by more than 24% over one and a half hours. Drinking filtered water from a Water Cooler Broulee will help losing weight.

2. Gives energy

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Do not you drink enough water? Then you dry out and your body is no longer functioning properly. Your energy decreases and you feel futile. You get dizzy, the concentration decreases and gets headache. That's not strange, because water plays a big role in all kinds of cells and tissues. Do you drink enough water from your Water Cooler Broulee? Then keep your energy up and it will also improve your reaction rate! 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

3. Prevents headache

Are you busy all day? Do you run from hot to her? Do you feel a jerky head coming up? Do not take a paracetamol straight away, but take a few glasses of water. Because, headache5 is a feature of dehydration. So keep your moisture level up and drink plenty of water from a Water Cooler Brouleein one day. The same goes for a hangover. Because that is also a sign of moisture shortage.

4. Beautiful skin

Do you want a beautiful shining skin? Drinking water helps. Because, because of this, your skin remains hydrated so it does not dry out, thus reducing the risk of wrinkles and even pimples6. Did you know that moisture retention often also is a signal of dehydration? In short, drink water if your skin is sweet.

5. Supports your heart

Your heart also makes you a lot of fun by drinking enough water. Because you do not drink enough water? Then your blood becomes thicker, making it work harder to pump it around. According to American research, those who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day have 41% less chance of having a heart attack than those who drink less than 2 glasses a day 7.

6. Boost your brain

Water also makes your brain well. Perhaps not so strange, because your brain consists of 90% of water. Does this amount take off? Then it does not only lead to headaches. Your concentration, production and thinking capacity also decreases. So keep your moisture balance in balance to keep fresh, alert and maintain the right focus. There is a study that shows that drinking enough water makes you even smarter.

7. Strengthens your immune system

There are studies that state that drinking water supports your immune system. This will prevent you from drying out the mucous membranes. This makes you better resistant to cold and flu viruses. It also seems to be good at intestinal problems and help with rheumatism.

8. healthy muscles

Do you sport? Then you're sweating. Do not you fill that moisture loss in time? Then it affects your performance. You get tired sooner and can even get cramps. This indicates a lack of moisture. Prevent that by keeping your water management on level during training. Proper hydration helps you to perform better.

9. Good digestion

For optimal functioning of your digestive system, moisture is required. Because your intestines need water once to do their work well. Insufficient water drinking can lead to constipation¹º in both young and old. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water. The overall opinion is 1.5 liters per day¹¹. Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water.

10. Optimal renal function

Also for your kidneys enough water drinking is important. This body is responsible for the internal processing of waste that your body produces. Do not you drink enough? The more difficult it becomes. Wastes accumulate, can cure and that can lead to kidney stones. Do you maintain your water intake? Then your kidneys will not be overloaded and waste water discharge to your bladder without any problems¹². Useful to know: the lighter the urine the better the waste is discharged.

That's how you drink plenty of water daily!

The daily moisture requirement is about 2.8 liters. About 300 milliliters deliver your body and about 1 liter of your food. The remaining one and a half liter must be fed into your drink. But, how do you make sure you get that amount every day? My tips to get enough water!

- Make water drink a routine. So start it when you get up. Also good to supplement the night's moisture loss. Drink your snacks and eat water plus sleep before going to sleep.

- Are you leaving the door? Always take a bottle of water, so you're always at your fingertips. As a reminder and you can finally keep track of whether you drink enough water or not.

- Also, by eating more watery food you can increase your water intake. Watery foods include: lettuce (96%), cucumber (94%), tomatoes (93%), broccoli (92%), carrots (90%), watermelon (90%) and grapefruit (88%). An additional advantage is that you increase your daily intake of vegetables so easily.

- Do you like pure water drinking boring? Then add a taste. Options include mint leaves, slices of lemon or small pieces of fruit. Certainly in combination with mineral water is that super leak.

- Also setting an alarm is a good option to drink more water. Set the alarm on your smart phone or, for example, on your computer when you work. Moreover? There are also apps that allow you to control and track how much water you take.

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