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Drink water against wrinkles

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Water is the source of life. It is thirsty, refreshing and cooling. Water helps to dispose of waste. It dilutes the blood and ensures you get enough fluid. In traditional Chinese medicine, water plays an important part in all health matters. It is said that drinking plenty of hot water can drain excess liquids from the body - for example oedemen and water in the body. Drink great tasting water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Bingil Bay. As a result, you have to pee more often and you can often lose a few pounds often. Chinese do not drink hot water for nothing!

We drink enough water, but not in the correct form

Who drinks half a liter of tap water daily - of course filtered - already achieves better bleeding of the skin. In practice, most people drink different watery drinks, but hardly "pure" water. Usually we use water to prolong ranja or juices. We also drink tea in all sorts of flavors. Or, and I did that more often, we drink flavors with sugar, stew and water (soda). Healthy drinks instead of water. The last category also includes sports drinks and energy drinks. Whoever thinks of drinking of green tea takes enough water to sit there next to it. Green tea extracts moisture from the body, and in fact you should drink two glasses of water from a Water Cooler Bingil Bay for each glass of green tea to balance it. Energy and soft drinks must be processed first because they contain many sugars and sweeteners. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. The fluid is only processed at the end of that process - and is often (almost) out of the body.

Drinking water stimulates skin bleeding

Pure water is the only liquid that the body can use immediately and without detours. All organs and cells are beneficial because nutrients and oxygen can be easily transported. At the same time, waste is better dissolved and can be disposed of more quickly. And that effect is especially important for the skin. The elasticity and health of the skin is highly dependent on sufficient water. Curiously, this subject has been ignored in science for a long time, possibly because it makes little money to earn. Meanwhile, it has been investigated - and proven - that the skin is visible through ten minutes after drinking water. The oxygen level increases, and the cell renewal of the skin is stimulated.

The defense system is being strengthened

An optimal metabolism keeps the skin's immune system intact and helps to strengthen it. Our body consists largely of water and that also applies to the skin. It itself consists of 80 percent of water. So it is very important to drink clean water from a Water Cooler Bingil Bay. In the skin, approximately one third of all liquid is stored in the body! That also explains that it can be seen immediately if someone is drinking too little water. Many people with the disease anorexia, who have extremely little food and drink, therefore suffer from extreme skin aging.

Water provides elasticity & vitality

The water that is stored in the skin is used to regulate body temperature. You sweat when it's hot because the sweaty water cools your skin. If your body becomes overheated, for example with high fever, sweating is even vital. Only with sufficient drinking water from a Water Cooler Bingil Bay can the skin perform her various functions well. Elasticity and vitality are highly dependent on sufficient water. So always order a glass of water for your beer, because beer also draws moisture from the body. How many liter of water should you drink.

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4 reasons why you should drink more water from your water cooler Bingil Bay

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. You hear it often: drinking water is good for you! And we are also firmly convinced that you should drink enough water. But why exactly?

1. Water speeds up your metabolism

Can you lose weight by drinking water. If you drink too little water, your metabolism slows down and you will burn fewer calories. Drink a glass of water before every meal and you will feel satisfied sooner.

2. Water gives you energy

Keep your energy level up by drinking enough water. Water helps transport oxygen and other essential nutrients throughout your body. When you are dehydrated, you will soon feel tired and dizzy.

3. Water against muscle cramps

During exercise, you sometimes have to deal with those annoying muscle cramps. One of the main causes of this is dehydration. So drink enough water so that your workout does not end in a minor key.

4. Water for glowing skin

If you don't drink enough water, wrinkles and fine lines will become visible more quickly. Water from your water cooler Bingil Bay improves blood circulation and gives you a healthy complexion. And it is a natural defender of impurities.

Did you not drink your 1.5 liters of water today? Then quickly have a glass at hand and start your overtaking maneuver!

Drink plenty from your benchtop or floor standing filtered alkaline water cooler Bingli Bay with filtration bottle

These consequences threaten if you drink too little water

You get a headache

Headache is a typical sign when we lack water. This can be explained by the fact that our blood is thicker. It flows less well and accordingly no longer optimally supplies our vessels with oxygen and headaches become noticeable.

They are less efficient

If you drink too little water, you will feel significantly weaker. Concentration problems, tiredness and dizziness can therefore occur. As with the headaches already mentioned, this is also due to the lack of oxygen in the brain.

Your kidneys are affected

Our kidneys are the sewage treatment plants of our body. Harmful substances are excreted via our organ through the urine. In order for our kidneys to work properly, they need enough fluids. If we drink too little, we damage our kidneys. In severe cases, kidney failure can occur.

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