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6 Good reasons to drink more water

We all know that water is better than soft drinks. But why is water so healthy and what does it do to our bodies?

How much?

VIGez, the expertise center for health promotion and disease prevention, encourages adults to drink 1.5 liters daily, at least a liter of water. The remaining half-liter is also preferably made of water, but you can also choose coffee (without milk or sugar), tea (also without additives) or light soft drinks (with a maximum of 5 kcal per 100 ml). The total moisture requirement is at least 2.5 liters, but that extra liter can be found in food, milk products and fruit juice. People with a physically demanding job, athletes, the elderly and young children must pay extra attention to their fluid intake. Having a full glass of water all the time. Drink heaps of filtered water from a Water Cooler Benowa.

1. Your fluid balance up to standard

Our body consists of more than sixty percent of water. We constantly lose water - think of evaporation through the skin, but also when breathing, on the toilet and through sweating - and that lost water needs to be replenished daily to stay healthy. Is the loss not in balance with what you add? Then you can become dehydrated. Especially in a warmer country, at great heights and during intensive and long-term sports sessions you have to refuel sufficiently. Older people, who feel less thirsty, also run a greater risk of dehydration.
Consider water as a nutrient that your body needs to function properly. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Benowa. Sufficient body fluids benefit the digestive system, direct the transport of other nutrients and keep your body temperature up to standard. Your brain communicates with your kidneys about the amount of water they are allowed to excrete and how much they need to keep as a reserve. Can your body use extra fluid? Then your brain starts the thirst mechanism. A signal that you should not ignore!

2. Calories under control

Unfortunately, many people confuse such a thirst signal with a grumbling stomach. That's why nutritionists recommend that you drink a large glass of water before you start to snack. The chances are that you are just as satisfied. Drinking a lot of water is not a magic trick to reduce the kilos, but it helps to keep your calorie intake within bounds. Replace sugary drinks with water and regularly choose foods with a high water content: your line will thank you. Fruit, vegetables and soup based on broth are rich in water from a Water Cooler Benowa and are absorbed more slowly by the body, which makes you feel full longer.

3. Smooth intestinal transit

In Europe, it is estimated that more than seventeen percent of the population suffers from functional constipation (long-term constipation with no apparent cause). Especially women would suffer from it. Fortunately, the right amount of water every day ensures that everything runs smoothly in your gastrointestinal tract and can thus prevent constipation. Those who drink too little will have to go to the toilet less frequently, because the intestine draws water from your bowel movements to stay hydrated yourself. Water and sufficient fiber form a golden duo for the health of your intestines: the fluid blows up the fibers, so they can easily wipe your entire intestine. Although the one water is just a little better than the other. For example, research showed that Hépar, water containing no less than 119 mg of magnesium per liter, benefits intestinal transit. Anyone who spends a liter of spills on a daily basis would achieve good results after just two weeks.

4. Boost your productivity

A productive working day starts with a glass of water, because the human brain would function better if the body gets enough fluid. Tap water vs Filtered water. The gray mass of someone with thirst continuously sends the signal 'I want water'. Only after that question is met can he fully focus on his task (at home or at work).

5. Extra energy

You thought coffee was the ideal drink to wake up with? Wrong! After seven to eight hours of fasting, your body needs water. Therefore, rinse all toxins every morning, hydrate your brain for a fresh spirit and fill your stomach with a drink that does not contain calories before you drop into the breakfast. There are no calories in the water from a Water Cooler Benowa. Better health with Prestige Water.

6. Beautiful skin

Your skin and drinking water. Toxins in the body can cause the skin to ignite, so you end up with clogged pores and pimples. If you consider that you can wash away a lot of those culprits by drinking enough water, you immediately know what you have to do! Those who drink too little will get dry, dull skin faster and wrinkles will be easier to put up. Good hydration - a combination of drinking enough water and moisturizing cream - helps to prevent fine lines. Although an overdose of water will not rid your skin miraculously from all unevenness: as soon as your skin is sufficiently hydrated, your kidneys take over and the excess fluid is simply excreted.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?