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History of alkiline water

The water ionizer was developed for the production of basic water around 1950 in the then Soviet Union. Russian researchers were looking for simple and cheap means to increase the chance of survival after any American attacks. Strong acid water (Anolyth, acid OxidWater) had to be used for large-scale decontamination (disinfection) after bacteriological attacks, alkaline water (Katolyth) to strengthen the immune system for the survivors of a nuclear attack. How many drinks does a child need. The Soviet studies ended in 1990 with the Perestroika, but were continued in Japan and Korea. Around 1995 the first water ionizers came onto the market - alongside you can see the first household appliance. The highest use of Active Water ionizers is (still) in Asia. In Korea about 10% of all households are now equipped with a water ionizer. Researchers from Basle and Acid Water were also active in Austria and Switzerland. Tips for summer. Drink heapd of filtered water from a Water Cooler Benalla. Unfortunately, these researchers did not put a water ionizer on the market. Acid water from a water ionizer is good flower water. Flowers usually do well on acid water.

Use of acid water

  •     Rinse your hair after washing with acid-ionized water instead of a chemical hair rinse. The hairs become softer.
  •     Acid ionized water works against bacteria.
  •     Wash your face with acid Water, thereby reducing skin contamination (eg acne and other problems). The skin is less affected by bacteria, dark skin spots become lighter and the skin softer. There are lots of minerals in the water from a Water Cooler Benalla.
  •     Rinse your mouth before brushing with acid Water and put it in the mouth shower. It cleans and protects the gums and teeth. Rinse and gurgle with throat and almond pain.
  •     Moisten burns and abrasion or cut wounds with acidized water. It works against bacteria and helps with the healing process.
  •     Bathes sweaty feet regularly in hot acid ionized water.
  •     Use the acid Water as a lotion after shaving.
  •     Most plants do very well if you give them acid water.

Use of basic water

Basic water or alkaline water as it is also known has many applications. Below you will find a number of examples.

  •     Drink 30 ml of alkaline water per kilogram of body weight daily, ie at 70 kg -> 70x30ml = 2.1 liters per day. At high temperatures and / or strong physical fatigue more. So, drink more healthy water from a Water Cooler Benalla.
  •     Soak rice 30 to 60 minutes before cooking in alkaline water.
  •     Basic Water reduces the bitter taste of coffee and tea and makes coffee more coffee-friendly in particular, the tea stays clearer.
  •     Boil vegetables in alkaline water, so that color and taste are preserved and a bitter aftertaste is leveled off.
  •     Cooking fish in alkaline water reduces the fishy smell.
  •     Allow meat to soak in alkaline water for 10 minutes before cooking. This makes the meat softer.
  •     Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with alkaline water. They become milder, the taste better comes into its own.
  •     After using alcohol, drink two alkaline water glasses and two glasses of basic active water the next morning on an empty stomach. This way you have less problems with the alcohol.
  •     Wash fruit and vegetables with basic Active Water, so they stay fresh and fresh longer.

Basic water for your pets

    Give your pets (dogs, cats ...) alkaline water to drink and see how the coat and general health changed positively.

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. For more information you can visit our webside prestigewater.

You can also find information here about measuring your own acidity that is important for your health. Alkaline water against 'rusting' your body

Basic water from a water ionizer has many advantages over basic tap water and alkaline water through drops. It has four important extra features:

  •     High pH value and therefore a very large surplus of bases. Bases neutralize acids.
  •     Very low redox potential and therefore a large surplus of electrons. Electrons have an antioxidant effect and neutralize free radicals.
  •     Small water clusters, making it "more fluid" than regular water. It drinks better and does not give a feeling of annoyance. It costs you little effort to drink more water.
  •     Filtered and therefore clean and healthy. Great tasting drink water from a Water Cooler Benalla.

These four characteristics are purely physical in nature and provide the Active Water with unique properties and effects.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Benalla
Benchtop Water Cooler Benalla
Floor Standing Water Cooler Benalla
Floor Standing Water Cooler Benalla
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Exclusive Water Cooler Benalla

Why is Filtered Water so Important?