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What we drink best in warm weather

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. For some of us, it goes without saying: as soon as we start to get warm, we become dehydrated and need to drink urgently. Others, on the other hand, are much less confronted with that feeling of thirst. This is the case, for example, with older people. But what should we drink or drink during a period with high temperatures? Moisture and drinking water. Great tasting water from Water Cooler Alberton.

[What do we drink best in warm weather? ]


  •     Insufficient drinking leads to dehydration
  •     What and how should we drink at high temperatures?
  •     Specific advice for people who are more at risk of dehydration
  •     Did you already know this?

Insufficient drinking leads to dehydration

If we do not drink enough, we run the risk of drying out (dehydration), which in any case involves a number of dangers. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. The body loses a lot of precious water and mineral salts, which is detrimental to the proper functioning of our body. Healthy drinking water from Water Cooler Alberton. After the first signs of dehydration (dark urine, dry mouth, dry skin, headache, heat intolerance), more disturbing symptoms follow such as muscle weakness, cramps, difficulties to swallow, pain when urinating, confusion, delirium. There is only one solution: drinking. Drink regularly and certainly not wait until we are really thirsty.

What and how should we drink at high temperatures?

    Any alcoholic beverage can be avoided as alcohol promotes dehydration and affects our body's ability to fight against the heat.

    Beverages that contain a lot of caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) can also be avoided because they have a diuretic effect.
    They thus promote the formation of urine and lead to water loss from the body. Minerals and Water Cooler Alberton.

    For the same reason, you should not use liquor containing a lot of sugar.

    Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day, preferably water. What does water do in your body.

    Drink regularly, at different times and do not wait until you are thirsty.

    Prefer foods rich in water, such as fruit (melon, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, citrus fruits ...) and raw vegetables (cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, courgettes ...).

    Drink a lot, but do not forget to eat. This is important so that your body can store mineral salts again. If you have no appetite, eat small amounts several times

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