Tabletop Water Cooler Adelaide

Tabletop Water Cooler Adelaide with Filter Bottle. Never having to buy bottled water again.

Tabletop Water Cooler Adelaide

Unlimited healthy alkaline filtered drinking water from your own tabletop water cooler Adelaide. Never buy water again.

Can you drink too much? Clear answer: YES!

If you ingest more fluid than the body excretes, the fluid remains in the circulation and thins the blood. This lowers the salt concentration in the blood. If a certain value is not reached, there is a risk of muscle weakness, disorientation, epilepic seizures; in very rare cases it can be fatal. There are many minerals in the water from a tabletop water cooler Adelaide.

There have already been deaths in drinking competitions. The reason for this is usually what is known as hyponatremia, also known as water poisoning.

Death From Water Poisoning - More Than A Nasty Headline?

Symptoms of water poisoning

  • drowsiness
  • nausea
  • headache
  • seizures

The feeling of thirst subsides with age

With the feeling of thirst, the body signals that it needs fluids. However, by the end of their twenties, the feeling of thirst becomes increasingly unreliable. Thirst can then make itself felt, for example, through circulatory problems, poor concentration or headaches.

In order to prevent such complaints, you should drink water regularly throughout the day as you get older, even if you don't feel thirsty.

Seniors, for example, often drink too little and can become life-threatening and dehydrated. This is due to an area of ??the brain that functions less reliably in old age.

But people with health restrictions, such as kidney problems or diabetes, shouldn't rely solely on their thirst. After drinking it, it takes about half an hour for the fluid to spread throughout the body and for the symptoms to subside. Try alkaline filtered water from the cold water tap from a tabletop water cooler Adelaide. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

And which is healthier: sparkling water or filtered tap water water?

Both types of water are healthy, but they have different effects on the body.

With sparkling water, the oral mucosa is better supplied with blood and the flow of saliva is stimulated. Digestion is stimulated as a lot of air gets into the stomach. However, it can also lead to gas, bloating, and belching. Carbonated water cannot cause over-acidification; it has a neutral effect on the acid-base balance rather than acidic. And the myth that carbonic acid releases calcium from bones is wrong.

If you have an irritated stomach, you should drink still water, because carbonic acid promotes the formation of gastric juice. And if you like still water, you can safely drink filtered tap water. The water is controlled in the waterworks according to the drinking water ordinance.

Drink more water in hot weather.

Filtered alkaline tabletop water coolers Adelaide

Calcium cola

What happens in your body if you drink soda. Without a label check it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a drink is good for you. For example, Vitamin water is advertised as healthy ("low in calories", "without artificial colors, aromas and flavors"), but this "natural mineral water" contains fructose, which is just sugar. A bottle of "sparkling natural mineral water with strawberry-mint flavor" from AH, on the other hand, contains no sugar and counts 0 calories, just like water from the Tabletop Water Cooler Adelaide.

If you only rely on the promises on the packaging, the wrong choice is quickly made. However, producers are allowed to market their flavor water in this way, says VU professor Jaap: "It is allowed to say that a drink is enriched with vitamins, for example. In the past, you even had calcium-fortified cola, intended for menopausal women who suffered from osteoporosis. Nothing healthy about it, but saying something enriched with it is a nutrition claim. It is not allowed to suggest that a drink is healthier than water or that it counteracts cardiovascular diseases: such health claims must be proven. The only way to know for sure is to check labels. "

Pure marketing

The healthy image of many drinks is therefore pure marketing. "Vitamin water is just sugar water. It gives you the impression that you are drinking something very healthy because vitamins have been added to it, but that is nonsense. The amount of vitamins is very limited and often it concerns the vitamins that you are not short of. "

There is nothing wrong with Spa that has had fruit or mint floating in it, says the professor. "The only drawback is that it is two thousand times more expensive than if you made it yourself. We can put a cucumber in a can at home and fill a bottle, which is also more environmentally friendly, but if someone has already done it for us, we buy it. Especially when we are on the road. " More recipes can be found here


"Not every health hype is healthy," "I heard that the supermarket has water with active charcoal. This has a healthy image because it absorbs toxins. But in food and drink, it can also absorb vitamins and minerals, which therefore do not enter your body. It may even interfere with medication and the contraceptive pill. "

Why is Filtered Water so Important?