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Detox by fasting, very good for health and drinking alkaline water from the Brisbane hot and cold water coolers.

Fasting cleanses the body, so fasting is a popular detox diet. Fasting cures are popular, so the health benefits are great. For those who want to lose weight, fasting is an effective method, you can lose weight quickly by fasting. By fasting you also stimulate the production of more growth hormone, these growth hormones provide rejuvenation and vitality. Do not fast for too long, this has some health disadvantages.

Start fasting

Nutritionally speaking, fasting aims to cleanse the body by promoting the excretion of waste. Water plays a very important role in the process. You should drink at least 2 liters of water daily to promote detoxification. Toxic wastes that have accumulated in the body over years of reckless eating and living habits thwart the functions of cells and tissues and cause a variety of chronic disorders. When excreted, we experience therapeutic and rejuvenating effects. Animals instinctively fast when they feel bad, they stop eating until they feel better. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Warning, when not fasting

Fasting can be dangerous for people with heart or kidney problems or diabetes. Anyone with health problems should only start a fast after it has been sufficiently established that there are no medical restrictions. Even without health problems, a fasting course of more than three days should only take place under medical supervision.

Some pros and cons of fasting

Weight loss is the direct result of a fast. You can lose up to 1.5 pounds in the first 24 hours, provided you only drink water from the hot and cold Brisbane water coolers and no calories drinks. If the fasting continues, the weight loss will be 1 kilo per day in the next 10 days. However, the loss is not entirely due to fat. Roughly one third of the lost weight consists of fat, half of water and the rest of other tissue, including muscle tissue. In addition to being useful for weight loss, fasting can rejuvenate the body and help break addictions like alcoholism and smoking. Fasting also stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, the hormone that strengthens our defenses against diseases. In some German and Swedish health clinics, fasts are used in the treatment of degenerative diseases, from arthritis and arteriosclerosis to digestive disorders and skin disorders. A distinction must be made between fasting and starvation. Gnawing hunger is not a sign of true organic hunger. This is purely stomach contractions that we interpret as hunger and can be largely satisfied by drinking water. Appetite and stomach rumbling cease after two to four days. This is followed by a period of three to four weeks during which no hunger or fatigue is felt. This is physiological fasting. But when the appetite returns, it is a natural signal to stop fasting, otherwise starvation will start and vital tissues will be dismantled to provide energy. Why does the body not consume itself during fasting? Because when cells are broken down they are recycled very efficiently. Cell breakdown products are used to build new cells. The protein level in the blood of a group of people who walked 500 kilometers during a total fast course remained completely normal.

Disadvantages of fasting

Long-term fasting on water only has its drawbacks, however. First, the body has less than 1000 calories in reserve at any time; these are stored in the liver as glycogen and are used up during the first two fasting days. The body then begins to break down fat for energy and convert it into keto bodies, such as acetone, acetic acid and beta hydroxibutyric acid. These keto bodies fade glucose as an energy source and meet 70% of the body's needs. The rest of the body's energy needs are obtained from the breakdown of tissue. These processes lead to ketosis and acidosis, unless glucose is supplied orally or by injection. Ketosis is characterized by mild nausea, a bad taste in the mouth and a breath smelling of acetone. Acidosis usually occurs a few days after the onset of ketosis and can be very dangerous, especially in people suspected of kidney dysfunction or diabetes. Drink plenty of healthy water from the hot and cold water coolers in Brisbane. Good hydration in the summer.

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Detox your body in three days with this diet and drinking alkaline water from the hot and cold Brisbane water coolers

Do not continue this diet for more than three days. Detoxifying your body in three days means that this diet is very strict and restrictive.

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Not having enough time is one of the main reasons people don't eat well. Maybe junk food takes up too much of your diet. That's why detoxing your body now and then is so important, as with this three-day plan.

Your schedule may not allow you to focus on the lifestyle you want. And perhaps taking your health into account is not part of your normal life. However, the result of this is fatigue and illness.

Your body needs more nutrients and healthy meals - and putting all this together requires planning. The body always speaks: listen to it! Therefore, you need to detox your body and restore the good health of your organs.
Detoxify your body with a detox diet.
Detoxify your body by eating yogurt and drinking from the hot and cold Brisbane water coolers.

Many people search the Internet for miracle diets, but it always shows that success is achieved with dedication and perseverance. We bring this idea forward because three days is enough time for your body to revitalize and recover, but then you need to stick to a balanced diet.

Detoxifying your body means cleaning your body from harmful toxins, which make your skin look damaged or weaken your organs. The key here is a change from within.

A detoxification diet is the first step. This diet lasts only three days, which is why it is very strict. It will consist of eating fruits and vegetables and soup or broth, and drinking teas that aid in the hydration process. We strive for as little protein and carbohydrates as possible.

You can eat snacks in between. As a snack, you can choose from low-fat yogurt, gelatin pudding, grapes or nuts.

Detoxify your body by drinking more water from the hot and cold Brisbane water coolers

Miranda also explains that water is very important in these types of detoxification diets. She recommends drinking two to three liters every 24 hours to optimally hydrate your body.

Water purifies the body and helps clean organs such as the kidneys. These organs are very important for removing toxins from your body. Also, in the case of these three-day plans, it is advisable to start with a day where you mainly consume liquid, to speed up the process. This stimulates the production of new cells and helps to activate organs so that they function better.

Tips for a good detoxification diet

To detox your body within three days, you need to be sure to provide your body with enough nutrients and minerals. Despite the brevity of this diet, you still need the right amount of nutrients. It is not worth risking your health.
Detoxify your body by eating healthy

Here are a few tips:

  • Drink two or three liters of water a day. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.
  • Do not completely omit carbohydrates, but avoid white flour and processed sugars.
  • You can still consume fruits, vegetables and tubers to get carbohydrates. These three food groups support your immune system.
  • Fruit is an excellent source of sugar and contains many nutrients. Choose diuretic fruits like pineapple and try to consume them in their natural form.
  • Don't forget nuts as a snack.
  • Make sure you don't consume carbohydrates at night.
  • Go for the proteins from fresh meat and fish. Prepare them without adding spices and eat them in small portions.
  • Reduce your salt intake to prevent fluid retention and to stimulate diuresis.
  • Forget fried foods. If you need oil, use olive or coconut oil.

Diet guide

Here is an example of what you can consume in this detoxification diet.


  • Start with tea. Eat a slice of toasted bread with low-fat cheese. Drink some citrus juice (lemon or orange).
  • Another option: a handful of nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and peanuts).
  • Vegetable soup.
  • Salad, with enough raw or cooked vegetables.
  • Accompanied with a light gelatin pudding without sugar and plenty of water.
  • Alternative option: ten grapes and a cup of tea.
  • Chicken or meat stock.
  • Boiled vegetables.
  • Fresh chicken, meat or fish that you can eat fried or cooked.
  • Accompanied with fruit and water. Eating delicious ripe fruit.

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