Floor Standing Water Filter

Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Floor Standing Water Filter

Floor Standing Water Filter, Floor Standing Water Cooler, Floor Standing Water Dispenser   Floor Standing Water Filter: Floor Standing Water Filter, Floor Standing Water Cooler, Floor Standing Water Dispenser

Dimensions :
Height: 135cm (including filter bottle)
Width: 32cm
Depth: 35cm

7 Stage filtration System
Chilled Water Tap
Hot Water Tap, Safety Tap
Removable Drip Tray
On / Off Switches for both Chilled and Hot Water
LED Display
Including Storage Cabinet
Cup Holder, magnetic, No drilling needed, fits left and right

NEW MODEL. This modern Floor Standing water filter with filter bottle is great for Home or Office use. Imagine this Floor Standing water filter in your Home or Office. Always great tasting drinking water available for the whole family or your staff. There is no plumbing required and you can place this unit anywhere you would use it the most. Cold water available for refreshments, hot water available for all your hot water drinks such as coffee, tea, and more. You can convert the hot water tap into room temperature water by switching OFF the hot water switch at the back of the machine. Also the hot water has a safety tap.  In the bottom there is a 20 ltr storage cabinet.

10 Tips for children to drink more water from your floor standing water filter

Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. Drinking children and water: For many parents it is still pretty difficult to have their cutters walk to the tap. Still, it is a lot healthier not only to let children drink lemonade, fruit juice, milk products or other sugary drinks. In this article we give you 10 practical tips to help children drink more water. Please read?

Make it a joint project! Go with your child (ren) to the mall or let them choose a cool cup, bottle or straw on line with their favorite figures and colors. They come in a lot of different kinds, colors and sizes and make drinking water guaranteed a lot more fun!

The Prestige Water floor standing water filter will add very important minerals back to the water. Involve children in the process of making drinking water a nice habit. For example, let them choose herbs and / or a piece of fruit every day to add to the water. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Then make a fruit cocktail together and assess the final result by means of a scorecard.

What kind of water to drink. Do you also have such a tricky drinker at home who really does not like water? Then finish drinking sugar-rich drinks by mixing it with water. Start adding the sugar-rich drink with a little water and build it up every week. Often children do not even notice!

Encourage the whole family to drink more water! Why should children drink more water if we do not set a good example ourselves? It often does not take long before children switch to drinking more water if mom and dad do the same.

It is much easier for children to drink more water if they know why it is so important. Do you find it difficult to explain yourself? The Internet is full of educational videos for children in which the importance of water is explained in a playful way!

The drinking that you do not get at home can not be drunk! Make sure that you get a limited amount of sweetened beverages every week. Communicate clearly to children that a new stock is only bought once a week and that they have to deal sparingly with the amount of sweetened beverages. Great tasting water from a floor standing water filter from Prestige Water.

The fluid that your body needs does not only come from drinking, but also from food. In order to get sufficient moisture every day, we advise to opt for products that contain a lot of water. Think of watermelon, strawberries, apple, lettuce, tomato or cucumber.

Make it a habit to have a large glass of water together with your children before breakfast. You can also think of a routine yourself! Say, for example, that children may choose something from the candy box after they have drunk a glass of water.

Make sure there is always water in the vicinity of your child. This way you make it a lot easier for them to drink more water. Put water on the table, for example, while eating, take water in a bottle to the playground or have them take their own bottle during a day out. Try our tasty water, try water from our floor standing water filter / cooler / dispenser.

Make drinking water more attractive! Let children drink from a low and wide glass instead of having them drink from a narrow and tall glass. The content of a narrow and tall glass seems more than if you pour the same amount into a low and wide glass. About Prestige Water.

Prestige Water Floor Standing Water Filter, Floor Standing Water Cooler, Floor Standing Water Dispenser

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10 ways to drink more water, try our floor standing water filter

If one thing is good for you, then drink the water from a floor standing water filter. If you drink enough water, the waste in your body will be removed earlier, you will get beautiful skin, you will eat less so that you will not arrive unnecessarily and I can continue for a while. Drinking water is very healthy and you are very smart, so I don't have to repeat it again.
Only most people find it much easier to get the minimum water tax in the summer than in the winter. In the summer it is warm and you are thirsty sooner, so drinking water is automatic. In the winter you sometimes have to really remind yourself. Recognizable? Then this article is for you: 10 ways to drink more water. Read along ...

1. Give your water a taste

Water is actually quite a boring drink. You can make it less boring by adding some fresh mint, slices of lemon / lime / orange or some cucumber. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Although I hardly dare mention the latter option through this column.

2. Drink herbal tea

Herbal teas usually contain no theine, so you can drink them unlimited all day long. Leave the coffee and become a tea spoon. You immediately get nice and warm. By the way, green tea does contain theine, so I wouldn't drink that tea all day long. This also applies to jasmine tea, so check whether or not the tea contains theine before you lie awake all night. There is a hot water tap for all you hot water drinks on the Prestige Water floor standing water filter / cooler / heater / dispenser.

3. Download an app for your phone

It seems that there is really an app for everything and there is also a drink enough water app. For iPhone, for example, this is Waterlogged and for Android Water your Body. Of course you can also put an alarm clock in your phone that it is time for your glass of water again! 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office.

4. Buy a floor standing water filter

"I don't like tap water" is no excuse. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. For example, at the health food store you can buy a water filter that makes your water very soft and slightly tastier. Brita has fine jugs, but also the bottle with built-in filter from Bobble is handy and is also available in different cool colors.

5. Take a bottle with you

Wherever you go, take a bottle of water with you in your bag. Very useful if you are traveling by car or train, because then you do not have to stop at the gas station or at the kiosk. Put a bottle on your desk at work, so you are reminded to drink water all day long.

6. Eat sharp food

Eat some sambal with your food, sprinkle some chili flakes over your salad or throw some chili pepper through the tomato sauce of your pasta. Hot pepper increases your metabolism anyway and it also makes you thirsty, because it makes you hot. Very useful if you know in the evening that you have not had enough to drink during the day, because of the sharp food you can start catching up. There are minerals in our floor standing water filter.

7. Drink water with every meal

Instead of a juice, soft drink or wine, you can also simply drink water. Yes, even with your breakfast yes. In the morning you need moisture because you have slept all night and while sleeping you sweat enormously so you lose a lot of water. It is not only healthier to drink a lot of water, it is also cheaper. You can also just ask for tap water in a restaurant. Basically there is nothing wrong with Dutch water and it is ridiculous that you get a spa blue if you ask for a glass of water. The hospitality industry is even obliged to do so. If they don't want to give it, you just tell them to take medication, then you will certainly get a normal glass of water.

8. Eat your water

Yes, I say it right. You can also "eat" water because there is an enormous amount of moisture in certain foods. If you make soup, please take water from our floor standing water filter for a better taste. Soup is the most obvious example, but also cucumber and celery are full of water. If water and / or tea comes out of your nose, you can also drink a not too salty bouillon.

9. Drink water as an appetizer

Sometimes the body thinks it is hungry, but then you are actually thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before you eat can therefore be very useful. You do not accidentally eat too much and you immediately get some fluid again. Moreover, you fill up faster, so bragging a second time is not necessary. What kind of water to drink.

10. Do not drink too much coffee, (regular) tea and alcohol

Because these three drinks extract moisture from your body. They are so-called dehydrations. Coffee and alcohol in particular are moisture killers. Try to drink more healthy water from our floor standing water filter.

Water: elixir of life

The healthiest and easiest alternative to quenching thirst is and remains water. The German tap water can easily keep up with bottled water, it can be drunk completely safely, explains the Federal Environment Agency. And: The bottled water itself is often tap water, as is the case with so-called "table water". If you rely on your own tap water, you also save money and protect the environment: Transport routes and the mostly used plastic bottles are avoided.

With a reusable bottle, the precious liquid can be taken anywhere - to school, to sports or to the playground. If you choose a nice bottle with your child, which they will find a loyal companion themselves, drinking will also be really fun for the kids. In addition to models made of plastic or aluminum, there are also durable (in any case BPA-free) drinking bottles made of glass, such as the soulbottles. Alkaline water from your floor standing water filter.

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