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Why I only drink clean and filtered water water

Since half a year ago I decided to drink (only) water. How many liter of water should you drink. Water brings many benefits with it, some benefits are well known to most, but not all of them. In this article I will tell my story why I do drink water and the benefits that come with it. This article is also an answer to the people who react negatively to the fact that I drink water. Hopefully I can also encourage you to drink a glass of water. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

Why I started drinking water

Half a year ago I weighed over 94 kilos on my heaviest. My fat percentage was quite high and overweight. Because I love food very much and can miss drinking earlier, I made the choice to do something about my drinking pattern first. Since that day I started to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day and a maximum of 3 liters of water, depending on how active I have been that day. I said goodbye to soft drinks, alcohol and other types of drinks. I still drink coffee, purely because I can enjoy it. I also take a beer a few times, for example when I go to a beer tasting. But in the end 95% of all the moisture that enters my body is pure water. I Only drink from my Prestige Water Clean Water Cooler. Also: Lose weight by drinking water.

A healthy body is the result of a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge is power and measuring is knowing. This program is made up of scientifically based information about the human body. They work on your mindset and give you the knowledge needed to achieve a healthy body. If you have become curious, you can click on the link above to read more about it. Start today, your body will thank you.

The effect of drinking water on me

In the end it brought me where I wanted to go, my fat percentage has dropped considerably and my weight is now around 80 kilos. Of course I also paid a little attention to my diet, but did not specifically go on a diet. The only thing I have really changed is that I started drinking water. Drinking water has given me the opportunity to live the way I want, without the pounds flying directly. I also notice that I have a lot less headache or that my body feels tired. Now that I am drinking so consciously, I make sure I get enough fluid every day. I really notice if I don't drink enough for a day, that my old-fashioned headache will come back. When I was still eating the soft drink, my drinking pattern was much more irregular, so I often received (too) little fluid. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

\Yes, even if you drink water you get negative reactions in your environment. It is actually very strange, especially in the beginning I really had to defend myself for the fact that I drink water. Now I don't do that anymore, anyone can find what they want out of it. I drink water because I like it, there are plenty of other drinks in the fridge, so if you want soft drinks, you get soft drinks. Below I will mention a few negative responses and give a very short response to how I look at it.

it's a shame you spent your money buying water

I like to buy mineral water, so I always take a 1.5 liter bottle with me to work or have it at home at my fingertips. To drink 2.5 liters of mineral water this costs me 70 cents every day. I have this for it. If I drink 2.5 liters of tap water, I don't even spend a cent a day, but 0.0035 euros. Relatively speaking, mineral water is more expensive, but in comparison many times cheaper than soft drinks and / or alcohol. In all cases, I spend many times cheaper with my water. For comparison, 2.5 liters of soda costs around 3 euros. Let's not take into account the money I save in the pub ...
Filter Bottle for the clean water cooler
Just fill with water from your tap. The Prestige Water Filter will remove the chemicals from your tap water and minerals will be added back to the water. Never run out of great tasting clean drinking water.

Drinking clean water from your water cooler makes your skin look beautiful

If you drink enough water every day, you are doing something good for your health. Your skin will thank you too, you can use it to curb facial wrinkles and other skin complaints. However, you shouldn't start with this when the first wrinkles appear, but drink water as a preventative measure from a young age.

This will keep your skin firm and smooth longer, as your skin cells need enough fluid. 2 to 4 liters of liquid a day are good for your skin and can reduce blemishes. Especially when you have dry skin, moisture is important not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

A sufficient supply of water is good for the hair

Your hair will also benefit from drinking enough water every day. Did you know that around 20 percent of your hair is made up of water? So it stands to reason that sufficient liquid is required for healthy and beautiful hair. So here, too, the recommendation is: take 2 to 4 liters of liquid daily, the best is still water.

Coffee should only be available in moderate amounts and preferably not alcohol at all. Alcohol removes fluid from the body when it enters the organism through the alcoholic drink. If you do want a glass of wine or beer, make sure that you drink enough water next to it. Try to drink plenty of alkaline water from the Prestige Clean Water Cooler.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?