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More drinking and buy a Water Cooler - Why, what and tips!

I think we all know it is important to drink enough. I notice that it is very difficult for many people. You constantly make a commitment to drink more, but in practice I miss it. In this article I give you tips that help you to get enough fluid. Better quality drinking water if you buy a water cooler with a filter bottle. What kind of water to drink.

How much should you drink?

Tips to drink more water. The general advice of the Health Council is to get 2 liters of fluid. This includes coffee, tea and milk products. If it is hot, if you exercise a lot or if you sweat a lot, you may need to drink more. I previously wrote an article about fluid intake in sports. Peter supplemented this later with the latest findings.

Why is moisture important?

Our body consists for a very large part of fluid. Moisture is important in all kinds of processes in the body. Among other things in our blood, for the transport of important substances (food!) To the cells and for the removal of waste with our urine. In addition to super many other processes! It also helps regulate our body temperature.

Signs of too little moisture

You notice that you have drunk too little when your urine is yellow. This should actually be a very light yellow color. You can also get a headache or even get dizzy. Of course you also notice it with a dry mouth. You can even get more hungry if you drink too little! Our brain cannot distinguish the difference between appetite and thirst so well.

Which drinks do you choose?

I always recommend getting most of the moisture in with water and tea. A few cups of coffee (up to a maximum of + -6 a day) really doesn't hurt. Why should you buy a water cooler? Also 1-2 glasses of (vegetable) milk or buttermilk is fine, or a glass of vegetable juice. Of course you can always supplement this with water to which you have given a taste, spa red or spa sparkling.

As you may know, it is also fine in my eyes to drink 1-3 glasses of light soft drinks (diet coke, orange light, rivella, crystal clear, sugar-free lemonade, etc.). This contains sweetener, but this is by no means harmful in small quantities. Be careful when drinking soft drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, yogurt drinks, chocolate milk and alcoholic beverages. This almost always contains a lot of sugars and calories.

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Tips for drinking more

Having a full glass of water all the time. Drinking more is easier said than done! You drink much more water if you buy a water cooler. Before you know it, there are already hours away without drinking anything. I have some tips for you that always help me very well:

  • Download an app that helps you remember to drink and / or keep track of what you have been drinking. For example "Hydro coach" or "Reminder for drinking water".
  • You can also set the alarm of your telephone or schedule drinking moments in your digital agenda with notification. Buy a water cooler, we have a Benchtop and Floor Standing model. It may seem exaggerated, but it really helps in the beginning!
  • Make sure you always have a bottle of water or a pot of tea nearby. Getting up to get a new glass is more difficult than just pouring in if it is already in front of you.
  • Always drink from a large cup or a large glass. This really made the difference for me! You now drink much more at a time. Make sure you have a large cup not only at home but also at work. Buy a water cooler and you will drink more water.
  • Add a taste to your water with herbs or fruit. I give examples here.
  • Drink spa red or spa sparkling as a change from water and tea.
  • Put a 1.5 liter bottle of water in the fridge. Now you know exactly how much you have had and it is nice and cold. I drink a lot more when my water is cold.
  • Get tasty teas for the winter, or make your own fresh ginger tea or fresh mint tea, for example. Of course also in a very large cup :).
  • Drink at set times. For example, immediately after getting up or every time you eat something. Then it becomes a pattern.
  • In a catering establishment, always ask for an extra glass of water with your coffee, or for a carafe of water with food.
Do not exaggerate drinking, because drinking too much is not necessary and can even be harmful. It is really okay to drink 3-4 liters over the day, but under normal circumstances I would not recommend you to drink more. Therefore consider to buy a water cooler from Prestige Water.

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