Why is Water important?

Written on the 9 December 2013 by Peter

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Healthy Drinking Water and Filtered Water Coolers

Why is water important? Water is necessary for life to exist at all.


Every single life form on earth from the single celled organism through the most complex organisms relies on water for sustenance. Here is a list of reasons as to why is water important:

Water makes up most of the world: the planet is seventy five percent water.

Your brain is made almost entirely of water: seventy five percent of your brain is water.

Trees are almost entirely water: seventy five percent of a tree is water.

People need to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to stay healthy. The danger of dehydration.

Water is used to clean things-everything from our dinner plates to our bodies. Your skin and drinking water.

While a person can live for a few weeks without eating any food, that same person can only live a few days without water.

Water is used as temperature control both for our bodies as well as our planet.

Water gets rid of body waste and can help with a number of health concerns: constipation, functioning of the endocrine glands, muscle tone, kidney function, metabolization of fat and, obviously, dehydration.

Water carries oxygen and other nutrients to the body's cells

Water helps the body convert food into energy.

Water protects the body's organs. What does your body do with water.

Ninety percent of a person's blood and ninety percent of a tree's sap is made of water.

Water can absorb energy vibrations. Earthquakes that happen under the ocean are rarely felt on land. Getting healthy and fit.

Water is what tells a seed to grow. You can plant a seed in soil, but if you do not give it water, it will never grow into a plant. The water is what splits the outer coat of a seed exposing the "embryo" to the oxygen in the soil that helps it to start growing. Water is also how the seed gets the nutrients it needs from the soil.

Without water, living things would be mired in their own waste. Water moves the waste away and cleanses the earth to keep it clean. If something doesn't stay clean, it can't stay healthy.

Water, when boiled, can kill the bacteria and other harmful agents found on food or plates. This is the only way to make sure that something is completely clean and safe for use.

Water is also the only substance that can get the dirt and bacteria off of our bodies.

Without water, there would not be life. Even the single celled organisms need water in which to live. It was from the water that life began. Water is also the only element that can exist in all three states: gas, solid and liquid and all three states are beneficial to humans. It is very easy to take our water for granted. It has always been here-in fact, the water on the planet today is likely the same water on that was on the planet even before the dinosaurs roamed it. Why is water important? Because without it, we would not exist.

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