Floorstanding Water Cooler

Written on the 26 October 2013 by Peter

This is the Floorstanding Water Cooler from Prestige Water

The Prestige Water floorstanding water cooler is a modern looking water chiller. You can use your own tap water. Just fill the top compartment of the filtration bottle with tap water and it will be filtered. For more information regarding our 7-stage filter system please click here: Prestige Water Filter System

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Dimensions :

  • Height: 135cm (including filter bottle)
  • Width: 32cm
  • Depth 35cm


  • 7 Stage filtration System
  • Chilled Water Tap
  • Hot Water Tap or room temperature tap
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • On / Off Switches for both Chilled and Hot Water
  • LED Display
  • Including 20 liter Storage Cabinet

Floor Standing Water Cooler

Option 1 : Was $699 now Own for $399 (Free Delivery)

                    Floor Standing Water Cooler

Option 2 : 6 monthly Payment Option
Deposit of $99 +  $14 / week for 6 months

Option 3 : 12 monthly Payment Option
Deposit of $99 + $7 / week for 12 months

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About Prestige Water Coolers and Filtration

Drink more water

Tip 1: Drink a lot of water!

The largest part of our body consists of moisture, and therefore of water. Cold water drinking from a floor standing water cooler from Prestige Water. You understand that drinking enough water is of great importance, but at tropical temperatures you just have to drink a bit more than you normally do, because sweating, exhaling and more frequent urination, you lose fluid. A nice cold drink from Prestige Water Floor Standing Water Cooler Dispenser. A fairly general advice is to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. But how much you actually have to drink depends on various factors: length, temperature and intensity of your sports activities. On the basis of the color of your urine, you can already determine whether you drink enough or not. Does your urine have the color of 'Crystal Clear'? Perfect! Does it look more like a solid, dark glass of beer? Not so perfect .. Because of our busy existence, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to drink enough water in one day. Floor Standing Water Cooler. With the following tips, you might be able to make this a bit easier:

    Fill a can with 2 liters of water and put it on your desk. Because it is always in front of you, you are reminded to drink regularly. Many people (including myself) forget otherwise to drink. Set yourself as goal to empty the jug before the end of your working day.
    Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. Nowadays you can buy the nicest and hippest water bottles so that drinking water is really fun. And to make it even more appealing, you can add some flavor to your water. For example slices of cucumber, lemon, fresh mint or frozen fruit.
    Start the day with a dance, start the day with a smile and start the day with a glass of water! Make a habit of drinking a glass of water for your breakfast. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Tip 2: Moderate use of salt

Salt, or sodium, your body needs to regulate the moisture balance in the body and for proper functioning of the muscle and nerve cells. Nowadays, enormous amounts of salt are added to foods, which means that the chance of a shortage of salt is very small. However, the chance of too much salt is many times greater. Too much salt can cause your body to retain water and can cause edema (accumulation of fluid).

When your body has to process a lot of salt, it will also lose weight less easily. For example, if you want to lose weight, it is important to reduce your salt intake. But salt is so delicious! Because salt gives flavor to your food, right? However, there are also healthier alternatives to adding flavor to your food. For example the herbs from Flavor King. These herbs have a low sodium content, contain no calories and are gluten-free!

Tip 3: Less sugar = less salt

In addition to a surplus of salt, too many sugars can also cause your body to retain excessive moisture. Floor Standing Water Cooler Dispenser. Sugars increase your insulin level and insulin ensures that salt is less easily excreted. When we talk about sugar, we are not just talking about refined sugar in products such as those delicious cupcakes or a bag of M & M's. No, we also talk about fast carbohydrates. Fast carbohydrates are carbohydrates that are processed so quickly that the body treats them like sugar, for example white bread and pasta, for example.

Instead, opt for carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (for example: sweet potato, brown rice or whole grain products) and use this together with a portion of fat to ensure that the carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly in your body. This prevents an insulin peak and thus a surplus of salt. Proteins can also cause a significant increase in insulin. So adding it to a meal does not contribute to the slower rise of your sugar level.

Tip 4: Alcohol vs. your moisture management

Alcohol extracts moisture from the body, including in the brain. This is also the reason why we wake up the next morning with a dry gravestone in our mouths after a tough evening and that we go to the toilet every once in a while during these notorious nights. So drink plenty of water between your summer cocktails, lots of water! It dilutes the alcohol, so that the moisture withdrawal goes slower and is compensated by the extra water. parts better and you feel much fitter. Can food influence your sleep. And that has a positive effect on the whole body. Drink great tasting water from a Prestige Water Floor Standing Water Cooler.

Prestige Water Floor Standing Water Cooler, Floor Standing Water Dispenser, Floor Standing Water Filter


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