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5 good reasons to finally drink more water from an alkaline water cooler Adelaide!

Water-for-your-skin It is no longer a secret that it is very good for our bodies to drink lots of water. In the warm season in particular, you see a lot of people who never take off their water bottle. But regardless of whether it is cold or warm, summer or winter, it is always important to be sufficiently hydrated. The rule used to be that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Today, at least one and a half liters of fluids is a rule, alcohol is not one of them if everyone should consume one day. Alcohol is therefore not one of these liquids, as it has been shown to remove fluids from the body. Older people in particular need to drink consciously, because the feeling of thirst is no longer so pronounced in old age. Water is not only the means to an end, so that the body does not dry out, but much more.

There are several reasons why you should drink enough water too.

1. Alkaline Water helps you look good

Is water healthy? Our body consists of 80% water. The skin itself contains a lot of water and at the same time acts as a natural protective barrier. It helps the body not to lose too much fluid. However, you can also tell when she is getting too little water. Then it becomes dry, cracked and wrinkled. Those who always drink enough water are happy about plump, rosy, shimmering skin that tends to be less wrinkled. Of course, not all wrinkles are smoothed the more water you drink, but a small success is clearly visible. In addition, the skin can only fully develop its natural protective function when it contains enough liquid.

2. Water perks up tired muscles

It is not only important for competitive and amateur athletes that the muscles function very well. Our human body needs healthy muscles in every situation. If you don't drink enough, your muscles can't work well enough. They don't do everything they can, so-called muscle fatigue occurs. So you should always make sure to drink enough alkaline water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Adelaide. Athletes are particularly advised not to drink a lot just before training, but rather to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Because fluids absorbed shortly before exercise cannot supply the muscles as quickly and the muscles nevertheless tire more quickly. During physical activity, if it lasts longer than thirty minutes, you must not do without fluid intake, because the excretion of water through the exertion must be balanced out as quickly as possible.

3. Alkaline Water is the little magic bullet when it comes to losing weight

The little miracles that occur through enough water should be used if you want to lose weight. If you have a little too much on your ribs, you should not only consume one and a half liters of water a day, but preferably twice as much. Because water is a natural appetite suppressant. We can trick our bodies into drinking lots of water. Filtered water or bottled water. Because the feeling of hunger decreases the more water we drink. The stomach then sends stimuli to the brain that convey "I am not very hungry". The healthy bottom line is that we don't eat pointlessly. In addition, alkaline water naturally increases calorie consumption, which can also help with weight loss.

4. Water regulates the water balance in your body

If the body is supplied with sufficient water, it can work optimally. This means that digestion, production of saliva, transport of nutrients and temperature equalization can all work optimally. If this is not the case, the body switches to a state of emergency and stores more water in the body to cope with the difficult times. The kidneys cannot work properly either. In addition, many toxins can simply be deposited in the body. Sufficient water is therefore a must to keep your body healthy and vital. Therefore, you should drink some alkaline water whenever you feel thirsty. The Prestige Water Alkaline Water Coolers Adelaide.

5. Water stimulates natural digestion

Those who often suffer from sluggish bowel movements may not have to resort to digestive drugs, but simply drink a little more. Because water helps that digestion is stimulated. Those who do not drink enough ensure that the large intestine draws the water from the small bumps in the intestinal wall. But at some point a fluid movement of the intestinal wall can no longer work and constipation occurs. This cannot happen with a regulated supply of fluids, because the water supplies the intestinal walls, which can work easily and dispose of the waste products without any effort. Children and drinking water.

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