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The art of drinking water

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. Children and drinking water.

Today, we find many scientific results that show that the best drinking water is not only clean and well-filtered but also has the right structure at a molecular level. Water with the right molecular structure can even have healing or strengthening effect on the human system. That water is often found in special places, such as Lourdes, Mecca or the Ganges. But can we also change our own tap water to "holy" water? This is partly up to you. In this article, I briefly explain why water behaves intelligently and what you can do to make better use of your water.

What you give is what you get

The way we deal with the world around us largely determines how the human system behaves on the inside. When we fail to treat the earth we walk on, the air we breathe and the water we drink with respect, we don't have to look up from a large number of (old-age) complaints and diseases. Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight?

Water behaves intelligently. From findings in which the molecular structure of water has been investigated, we conclude that water has memory. To be more specific: water can remember which way it has travelled and with what kind of energy (such as thoughts and emotions) it has come into contact. That means that the way you deal with water has an effect on the molecular structure of that water. That means that your thoughts and emotions can influence the quality of your own water. Does this sound like something new to you? Is it not? Many age-old traditions have made use of this knowledge in a certain form. Why do you think that most Catholics and so many other cultures in grandmother's time (and a few still know) have a table prayer for eating or drinking?

Holy water in plastic bottles

Filtered water or bottled water. Water that has a strengthening and healing effect on the human body is known by most as holy water. We say holy, but there is a repeatable and predictable process behind the emergence of holy water. It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss things in detail, but the emergence of such water has to do with the chi (bioenergy) of the area where a river runs and the sadhana (meditative and spiritual training) ) which some have carried out in the vicinity of the water. The benchtop white water cooler will suit nicely on the kitchen bench. It's close to the tap, so easy filling. The white Floor Standing water cooler needs a space on its own. You can put this modern unit anywhere you like in your home or office. Both water coolers come in the colour white.

The water that we drink daily comes from the tap or from plastic bottles. Is water healthy? Both are not optimal for immediate consumption. Water from the tap has had to squeeze through all kinds of bends and pipes to get into your glass. Water in bottles is influenced by the composition of the plastic. What is the best way for us to drink water? Below you can read a few tips.

1. Be aware of your emotional state when you start drinking water. Make sure you drink your water with respect. You consist of 70% water. Water is a major shareholder in your body and is essential for your life process. A word of thanks or prayer for taking the first sip helps.
2. Do not drink your water from the plastic. It would be optimal to drink water from a metal cup (copper is the best). But glass is certainly better than plastic.
3. First let tap water stand for a while. Let it sink. Also benefits the taste (and water connoisseurs know why).
4. Make a donation to a charity, such as water.org, that provides clean drinking water to people who desperately need it. It works wonders for your credit in good karma. In addition, giving a (water) donation has a positive effect on the water element in your own body.

Drink Filtered Alkaline water with Minerals from the Prestige Water Benchtop or Floor Standing White Water Cooler

1.) Drinking a lot makes your skin beautiful

Drinking half a litre of water stimulates blood circulation in the skin and thus activates its metabolism. You can counteract tired, pale skin by drinking enough water. However, it is not scientifically proven that one can prevent skin wrinkles with increasing age by drinking enough water.

2.) The colour of the urine tells you whether you have drunk enough

Is correct! If the urine is dark yellow, this can be the first sign of dehydration. If you drink too little, urine occurs in a concentrated form and gives urine a brownish colour.

3.) If you are constantly thirsty, you may have diabetes

Of course, you can't say that exactly. If you are constantly thirsty, you may simply not drink enough, sweat a lot or live in a hot climate zone. But persistent thirst can indeed be a sign of diabetes. In the course of the disease diabetes (you can read more about this in our article on sweeteners and sugar), the body regularly produces a large amount of urea. The body flushes sugar out of the body with the urine at very regular intervals. The result: Excessive urination leads to persistent thirst.

And our fun fact of the week: Doctors used to diagnose diabetes by the sweet smell and taste of urine.

4.) Drinking too much is unhealthy

Right. It is not only bad to drink too little, but also too much. 10l is considered the maximum intake of liquid.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?