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Why is drinking water so important

How much water should you drink?

Tips to drink more water. It is generally known. We as people can eat without food for a few days if we drink enough water. We prefer to work two liters of water a day. I even heard that overweight people have to drink even more water. This depends on your age, height, weight, climate in which you live and how much you move in a day. A day between 2 and 4 liters of water, that is quite a lot! If you want to lose weight just by drinking water, I would consult your doctor for advice! It is difficult for us to keep it only with water. There are such bad but tasty products for sale in supermarkets so we choose the Cola above the water because that tastes much better? Tea is a good solution, provided you do not put sugar in it and it is also the brand / taste tea you use.

Why is drinking water so important?

Maybe we'll be better if we know why drinking water is so important? Having a full glass of water all the time. Water is important for your kidneys. Your kidneys, among other things, ensure that all unwanted substances that your body has absorbed through food that you have taken, are removed from your blood. Your kidneys are therefore a boss in purifying your blood and that is important for your heart and blood vessels. Water improves your bowel movement. People who suffer from constipation are often advised to drink more water. Your body needs moisture to properly process the nutrients you take. It even seems that water stimulates your brain activity. So you would be more energetic, productive and alert if you drink enough water. Bizarre right?

Physical complaints due to drinking too little water?

Our body consists of 70% water, our brains even 90%. This says enough about the fact that water on oxygen is the most important substance for our body to function properly. Several studies have shown that we can get all kinds of ailments if we drink too little water.

  •     Fatigue
  •     Poor blood circulation
  •     More frequent cystitis
  •     High blood pressure
  •     Headache
  •     Muscle pains
  •     Gastrointestinal disorders
  •     Weight gain

These are not half of the complaints you can get if you drink too little water, but then this would be a very long blog post. When I am sick, and that is what I am often, it says: Drink well! "This inspired me to write this blog. Where water can not all be good for ..
James does not want anything but water. Tap water vs filtered water.

I have let James drink water from the beginning. When we go out for dinner he wants to get a glass of Fristi from us but at home he never gets anything but water or milk. Coincidentally, I recently thought that it was very sad that he only had to drink water from us. I decided to buy organic apple juice so that he has some extras during the weekend. James did not think I was that exciting. If he gets a glass of Fristi you will see that he is enjoying himself. With the apple juice I did not notice any difference and so we stopped doing that. He prefers drinking water. Your skin and drinking water.

Tips for drinking more water!

  •     I prefer to drink from bottles. Now it appears that plastic bottles are not as healthy to drink out as well, but I like it better and better to drink from a bottle. That will also be psychic or something!
  •     Add fruit to your water! So it stays healthy, even vitamins and it is better because of the flavor that comes with it!
  •     Everyone has an alarm clock on his or her phone nowadays. Just put your alarm clock and write: 'Drinking water!'. That way you can not possibly forget it!
  •     Start the day with a glass of water. Your body has not had fluid within for hours. However, water has been extracted from your body by, for example, sweat. If you do this every morning, it becomes a habit to drink water and that is the intention!
  •     Do you do your best but do not manage to take the right amount of water per day? Then find it in food. For example, you can eat cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit. This is packed with water and vitamin!

I also find it difficult to drink so much water in a day. This article motivates me once again to realize that water really is important! Do you have a hard time drinking water? Did you know it was so important?

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?