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Water with a taste

What kind of water to drink. Are you a water lover or do you have to do your best to get rid of a glass of water every day? Water with a taste does wonders! With me, my water love depends on the season. In winter I am not such a water lover. At least not from the cold water, I prefer to keep it with tea. But in the spring and summer, I find water delicious. Or if you have just brushed your teeth, then I also clock a glass like that . With us, water is a 'normal' drink. Also for the children. When eating, you can choose between water or milk. I am not such a milk fan myself, I do not like it, but I also believe in the slogan 'milk the white sloper'. But our children can choose. One always chooses milk and the other chooses water. Water and tea (and soft drinks if we allow it, but that is not a steady. About Prestige Water.

Tips to drink more water. Actually, I do not think it's more than normal that drinking water is just seen here in the house. Besides the fact that it is healthy, I also firmly believe that you also have to learn how to drink water. Of course, water is not dirty, and everyone likes it. But you can enjoy drinking water, you can learn that. And when drinking a number of glasses of water a day you will soon notice that your body really indicates when it is time for a glass of water.

Water with a taste.

To make drinking water more attractive for the children, I recently started with water with a taste. Having a full glass of water all the time. And water with a taste is good here! It's nice, you can experiment with it (which is also done by the children) and it looks a lot nicer. First, for example, I loosened some fruit in a decanter. That works, but does not look so cozy, because that fruit is sinking to the bottom. Now I have found a nice water that I use to make water with a taste. This is excellent, looks nice and has several advantages:

  •     it is lockable, I like that because it can be on the table all day long
  •     the fruit stays in the middle of the can
  •     he has an ice core that you can put in the freezer for cool drinks
  •     he is very pleasant
  •     does not spill with pouring
  •     made of BPA free material and odor free
  •     can in the dishwasher!

That you can put the ingredients for the water with a taste in the core of the can makes sure that you do not pour loose pieces of fruit and herbs and the like during pouring. That gives and drinks better.

Ingredients for water with a taste

We have already tried some of the calibrated variants. Lemon, orange and cucumber are all appreciated here. Cucumber also quickly gives a nice flavor to the water. But also the combinations below are very nice for the variety!

Orange and blueberries

To allow this flavor to be absorbed properly, it is best to prepare it one day in advance and let it go.

Watermelon with mint

This variant is known as the ultimate thirst quencher, good for hot weather!

Mint and lime

Nice and fresh and fruity

Strawberries, basil and lemon

The children are not that fond of this taste, but I love it. However, the strawberries can not stay in the water for too long because then they become mushy, so drink quickly, this water with a taste.

Cinnamon, apple and lemon

Use a cinnamon stick for the cinnamon

Now I wonder if you have been triggered to drink water with a taste more often. If you have tried some combinations that are not mentioned above, let me know!

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