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Reduce fatigue with drinking water

Amino acids and water shortages

Fatigue is a condition that many suffer from, even though they did not exercise physically or mentally. In such cases, it is advisable to look for the cause of fatigue in case of a water shortage. How do I get more energy? Scientific research shows that different amino acids are produced less quickly if one has a water shortage. Amino acids have an important role in energy management. The reduced production of amino acids is one of the reasons that people who drink too little water can become tired.

Drinks that dry out

Every person should drink 2 liters of water and realize that drinking alcohol, coffee, green and black tea will dry out the body. Because too few people realize this, most people suffer from a water shortage. You might say that if you have a water shortage the body reacts with thirst, but that is only partly true. Getting thirst is the last stimulus, a kind of emergency mechanism. The body gives priority to keeping the salivary glands working. Stimuli that come sooner than thirst are often misunderstood painful stimuli in the stomach area, fatigue, headache, irritability and even the emergence of diseases such as allergies and asthma.

Food is digested with water

Food that needs to be digested needs enough water. Water helps to digest nutrients. In this way, water ensures that you have energy. In some cases, a water shortage can lead to diseases. Constipation can be a consequence of drinking too little water. In addition, bulimia can be caused by a water shortage. The bulimic patient is so dehydrated that the body can not digest the food. It is an emergency response from the body to ensure that everything is immediately diverted again. That is why it is important to drink a glass of water for every meal.

Nerve stimulation and water

All chemical processes in which the body collects energy are accompanied by water. The nerves provide connections with muscles and joints. Why filter tapwater. When there is too little water available, the nerve impulses do not run well and can lead to a feeling of tiredness. The stimuli in the nerves neural pathways are brought about by means of hydro-electricity, a way in which water is required.

Thirst is not a first stimulus

In science it has not been fully realized that water can be a medicine. There are still many doctors and experts who think that it is sufficient to drink water when you are thirsty. The feeling of thirst is regarded as a stimulus of the body to drink. This is, however, an incorrect assumption; when you get thirsty it is already too late. It would be better to drink two liters of water a day.

Hunger feeling is actually thirsty

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. We eat too much and drink too little. What we consider a hunger for feeling is actually a cry from the body for water. You can check that with yourself in the following way: suppose your stomach begins to rattle somewhat, a few hours after you have eaten. You then take a glass of water, and another five minutes later. The rattling will then quickly disappear. A rattling stomach has in fact been misinterpreted for years. If the stomach rattles, it means: thirst! The body needs moisture to digest the food. That's why it asks for water. Who fills the body with food, while you have eaten a few hours before will make his body very difficult. This opens the way to diseases such as bulimia, obesity, constipation, mental illness and cardiovascular disease.

Mix your water with salt

Because the body needs many minerals; the serum in the blood has almost the same composition as the mineral-rich seawater, it is essential to take salt in addition to water. That ultimately gives you energy. What you can do is to make a solution of unrefined sea salt from the organic store and water. The quantities are self-explanatory. That is quite easy to put together yourself because if you put too much salt in the water it will saturate, and it will remain in grains on the bottom. You store it in a well-cleaned jam jar or bottle and use four teaspoons of it every day. You can put a teaspoon of this saline solution with your drinking water or in the muesli. That way you get enough salt inside; Salt is in contrast to what many think very healthy, but you have to take unrefined salt and not salt with anti-caking agent because it contains toxic aluminum.

A few days

It may be that you do not experience difference within an hour; it usually takes a few days before the effect of drinking water is measurable. Initially the body will concentrate on:

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Drinking tip: Drink water with alcohol and coffee

Alcohol removes water from the body. It is therefore particularly important to drink a glass of water with a cocktail, glass of wine or beer. This not only replenishes the body's water balance, but also prevents a hangover. Coffee can also have a dehydrating effect, so the glass of water with coffee with milk or espresso is a good opportunity to drink more. Just think of the Italians, they automatically serve a glass of water with an espresso. Great tasting alkaline water with minerals from your water dispenser Charters Towers.

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