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Drink more water a day

5 Methods:

1- Motivate yourself by playing drinking games
2- Make it easier to drink more water
3- Replace sugar and alcoholic beverages with water
4- Drink water through, during and after meals
5- Drink water-based unsaturated drinks

Water is essential to human health: more than 60% of the human body is water, and the effects of dehydration can be life-threatening. Although scientists do not agree on the exact amount of water one should have, the old line of 2 liters per day no longer goes on. Replacing fresh and alcoholic beverages with water can make you check your weight and weight, sleep better and have more energy, minimize the risk of holes and tear injury and that your chronic conditions like diabetes can occur. There are a lot of healthy effective ways to drink more water, whether you do it because of your fitness, your health, or as part of a diet. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.


Play Water Pong. Water drink games can help you drink more water. Remember, however, that you do not drink too much water, as you can become fatal. [5] Water Pong works the same as Beer Pong, only with water. If you do the best to play it once a week, you will have drunk a lot more water at the end of the month. If you want to make the game extra interesting then you can award a prize. You need a large, stable table with a flat (and waterproof) surface, 20 cups, and 2 ping pong balls. Here's how to play:

    Get everything off the table.
    Fill each better with 1dl of water. Make sure all cups are as full.
    Put 10 cups on each side of the table. You want to drop the two groups of cups as far as possible. If you have a rectangular table, put 10 cups at one end and 10 on the other.
     -   Put 4 cups side by side at the extreme ends.
     -   Place for that row of 4, 3 cups.
     -   Add 2 cups again. You will see that you have formed a kind of flat with the 10 cups.
     -   Place the 10 cups on the other side of the table in the same pattern. The peaks of the pyramids must stand opposite each other and point to the center of the table.
     -   Try to throw a ball into one of the opponent's cups. If your ball ends in a cup, you can drink that cup. The one who first drank all the cups wins!
     -   Take turns trying to throw your ball into one of your cups at the opposite end of the table. When you get a ball into a cup, you get to drink the water in that cup. The person who finishes all their cups of water first, wins!


Play Water Bank. This is a fun game to play with your family, but you can do it with your roommates too. You will not only motivate yourself to drink more water, but the winner will also get a prize! You need a piggy bank, a glass jar, or another kind of pot to keep the money. In addition, you need a note pad or mobile phone to keep track of how much water you drink a day. Here's how to play:

    First, determine how long you will play the game. From the first to the last day of the month is easy to keep up with.
    Determine how much each glass of water is worth. As you will stop money in the bank (the piggy bank, or other pot), make sure everyone can afford the amount.
    Every time you drink a glass (250ml) you will notice it. You can go turf in a notebook, but you can do it on your phone too. Or do it on the computer. Make sure you trust the people you play, and they will not play falsely!
    At the end of the week you deposit the value of the drinking water in the joint bank.
    If the month is up, count on who has donated the most money to the bank. Whoever did that did not only win the money, but also drank the most water that month! If there is a tie, share the prize money then.


Create a Water Card. A water card is like a coffee card-you get a stamp if you have drunk a glass of water. Calculate how much water you should drink. If your stamp is full, you will get a prize. You can make your own cards, and put the stamps with a stamp, or with a pen or sticker. Here's how to play:

   -  Create a table in a word processor. Draw a 9x8 grid, and label the first row 1-8. Tag the first column with the days of the week.
   -  Copy the table three times per page, so you can print three cards on a sheet.
   -  Cut out the cards and put one in your wallet for the coming week.
   -  Every time you drink a glass of water, stamp a box.
   -  Every time or week your card is full, you can reward yourself. This can be with a chocolate, a favorite ice cream with a cup of coffee, or even a new book.


Drink water for charity. Drink water to help a good cause. Work with your colleagues to see how much water you can drink. The amount of glasses you have consumed determines how much money you will donate to your favorite charity. You need a whiteboard, or a flip chart to keep track of how much water you have drunk. You also need a pot or a large envelope where you save the donations. Here's how to play:

  -  Send an email to the people you want to invite to join. Ask them to answer your email with their three favorite charities, and what amount they pertain to glass of water. The amount of this amount may vary from a few cents to a few euros.
  -  Determine how long you will keep it, and when it will start. You can do it for a week, or even a month. It all depends on how much money you decided to pick up.
  -  Create a grid on your whiteboard or flip chart to track progress. Write down the names of all participants, and keep some space free. That way, everyone can write down how much water they have consumed daily.
  -  Take a look at progress to determine when you've achieved the goal. For example, you can draw a thermometer and fill it in as the goal gets closer. And celebrate if you've achieved the goal!
  -  Donate the returns at the end of your beneficiary.


Understand that sweetened drinks and alcohol can not serve as a substitute for water. 6 Facts about drinking water. If you drink a lot of soda or juice, or often choose beer or wine for dinner, consider changing your usual drink for water. How many of these drinks contain a lot of water, you can boost the amount of water you drink a day by choosing water. The other beverages contain sugars, caffeine, or alcohol, which have all adverse side effects and can cause you to dry out.
Receive at least one drink a day with water.

  -  Drink a glass of water instead of your second vanilla latté.
  -  Try to drink a glass of water at lunch, instead of a tin of freshness.
  -  Swap alcoholic beverages with water at parties, bars, and meals.

Make sure water becomes your default drink. Replacing fresh or frozen drinks with water may seem too good, but it's an easy way to drink more water a day. Instead of storing a six pack soda at your desk, you can also choose to drop a few bottles of water. Or use your new water drink habit to stretch the legs a few times a day to get some water. Truth about drinking water.

Read thirst with water. Research has shown that water thirsts as well as other beverages, such as sports drinks, soda, or juice.
Make a habit of drinking a glass of water soon if you are going to eat. Drinking a glass of water - or at least some slugs - before, during and after meals is a great way to make sure you drink more water every day.

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