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Drink healthy filtered water with Prestige Water Cooler Ulladulla

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It really works to drink 2 liters of water a day

With these 7 tricks it is easy to consume enough water:

Buy a nice bottle

Treat yourself to a drinking bottle that makes you happy. With the motto: the bigger the better. Tip: prepare a half-liter bottle. So you know exactly that you need to drink 4x a day to get your 2-liter goal.

Start the day with a glass of water

How do I get more energy? When you wake up, your body has not got more moisture for hours. In fact, only moisture has been removed from your body (read: you have sweetened). Therefore, before doing anything else, complete your water level with one glass of water. This way you get an energy boost, and you can already waste 1 of the 8 glasses you need to drink a day - before you get dressed.

Creative with water

Do you find water boring? Then clean your water! Make a refreshing fruit water with lime, cucumber and mint. Or a sweet variant with raspberries, blueberries, kiwi and some rose water. Looks like Instagram Proof!

On the go

Just about that nice bottle of bottle you treated yourself to? They are taking your O-V-E-R-A-L. To the gym, at work, when you go shopping. One - very important: you make sure you're always on hand. In the gym you put in the cup holder of the treadmill, work at your desk and when you go shopping you hold him. Guaranteed to take a sip so often!

Keep your moisture intake with an app

Forgetful? Then a water-drink app is your new best friend. With free apps like Waterlogged and Daily Water, you can track your water intake accurately and with enough (annoyingly) handy reminders you always drink enough!

Eat food that contains a lot of water

If drinking enough water for you to stay a struggle, you might be able to compensate a little with high-water food. Watermelon, cucumber and grapefruit are not only delicious, but are also packed with good nutrients and give you the hydration boost you need! Is water melon healthy?

Drink whole day

Just been to the toilet? Maybe sounds crazy, but then you have to drink something again - and use it as a habit. That's how you create a (healthy!) Vicious circle: drinking, going to the toilet, drinking after your toilet visit and having to go to the toilet again. Bonus: Stay tuned! Good hydration in the summer.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?