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TIP: Also drink enough water in cold weather

Drink enough, even in the winter. In warm summer weather we easily keep a bottle of water on hand for refreshment. How many liter of water should you drink. We sweat, feel thirst faster and drink more. During the winter months we prefer more hot drinks. We sip it and drink less. The total fluid intake can thus remain undersized. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

Sufficient drinking is essential

Our body consists of about 65% water. Water plays a crucial role as a building material, as a solvent, as a means of transport and as a temperature regulator. Sufficient drinking is essential to maintain your fluid balance, optimize all body functions and stay healthy, energetic and fit. Especially in cold and sometimes deject winter days. Dehydration is characterized by dizziness, fatigue and a cold feeling. The best way to be sure that you drink enough is to drink regularly between times and not only when you are thirsty. Do not overdo it either. Drinking too much can also disturb the fluid balance of the body and are therefore unhealthy.


Drink at least 1.5 liters per day (0.5 to 1 liter for children younger than 6 years), of which at least 1 liter of water and a maximum of half a liter of coffee or tea (without sugar). For a change, a light soft drink can. But keep in mind that light soft drinks contain little or no calories but, like ordinary soft drinks, there are still acids that can stimulate dental erosion. It is also generally advisable to use sweet flavors. Due to the presence of sweeteners, soft drinks for children are not recommended. Drinks from the rest group such as regular soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are not recommended because they contain too many calories. Lose weight by drinking water. With the moisture that we extract from solid foods - including milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice and soup - we meet our total moisture requirement of at least 2.5 liters per day.

Even when it is cold

Sufficient drinking during cold days is at least as important as during hot days. Especially for those who perform sport or heavy physical work in the open air. The air we breathe is colder and drier. We need to use more energy to heat up the air and moisture to moisten it. Physical activity also leads to perspiration and that requires extra fluid to keep the fluid balance up to standard. The same applies to too high temperatures in the home or office. Long winter evenings keep us more at home more often. The temptation to dine and snack for a long time becomes bigger. By regularly drinking a glass of water you reduce the risk of overeating.

Warm drinks

Coffee and (herbal) tea are classics. With up to half a liter per day and without sugar, they fit into a healthy diet. A bag of hot milk or a cup of vegetable soup in between are also fine. What about broth? A cup of broth provides moisture but can contain a lot of fat and especially a lot of salt. Take your bouillon cubes, then count a maximum of 1 bouillon cube per liter of water. Prefer fat and low-salt stock cubes. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Alcoholic drinks are not heat containers

You do not get it hot from a drink. On the contrary, alcohol increases the heat loss of the body. In the beginning you get a warm feeling - alcohol dilates the blood vessels so that more blood goes to the capillaries and the skin - but that disappears because your body temperature eventually drops. So you will get cold sooner. Alcohol also works somewhat narcotic and suppresses the central nervous system. Lightly injured persons feel the effects of cold less quickly and are therefore more susceptible to hypothermia. If the body temperature falls below 35 ° C, many processes and bodily functions will be compromised. Alcoholic beverages are also not good moisture suppliers. The reverse is true. They work dehydrating. Alcohol stimulates the kidneys to increase urine production, causing the body to lose more fluid.

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