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Helps water with lemon to lose weight?

Lose weight by drinking water. It is a tip that you encounter on all kinds of websites: start your day with (hot) water with a slice of lemon and the kilos fly off. But does water with lemon really help to lose weight? Such a glass of water with lemon would boost your metabolism, detoxify the body and burn fat. Does that sound too good to be true? That's it too. Unfortunately there is no proof that lemon (juice) breaks down fat, speeds up metabolism or rid your body of bad substances.


Water - with or without a slice of lemon in it - can help you to lose weight. Namely, if you drink this instead of high-calorie drinks, such as soft drinks with sugar or alcoholic beverages. A glass of refreshing water contains exactly 0 calories and is therefore the ideal slim drink. With some lemon, you give it a bit more flavor. You can also add other types of fruit or herbs to your water, check out these eleven ideas for a surprising water. Drinking water makes grow your hair faster.

Water instead of snack

How many liter of water should you drink. Moreover, it is wise to first take a glass of water if you are hungry and want to pay attention to your line. Sometimes you think you are hungry, but in fact you have drunk too little. First a drink can keep you from taking an unhealthy snack. And that also saves you calories.

Be careful with your teeth

Lemon is naturally very tartly. Products with a high acidity, such as soft drinks and citrus fruits, dissolve your tooth enamel. This can cause dental erosion. If you drink sips of lemon water throughout the day, that is disastrous for your teeth. Whoever is careful with his teeth, therefore, simply chooses pure water from the tap, spring water, tea, coffee or milk. You also prevent dental problems by drinking sour drinks with a straw. Rainwater is for all of us.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?