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Did you know that unfiltered tap water is not good for you at all

Tap water is bad water

Many people do not stand still. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. But tap water is not at all so healthy for us than we generally think. We are brought to the conclusion that it is good that we have to drink a lot of water. That's fine, but think about which water you can drink best. And drink approximately (if you drink healthy water) between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. Because tap water is not entirely healthy at all.

Why not tap water?

And that is mainly because of what is in the tap water. Why filter tapwater. Our tap water includes:

    Heavy metals: lead, nitrate
    Remedies of medicines

Because of the above substances, your hormones are out of balance. In particular, the residues of medicines. Also, chlorine is stored in our body because the body can not break this substance. Chlorine is then stored in our fat cells. Also, chlorine slowed our thyroid gland. Nitrate is derived from manure. Our tap water may contain 50 mg as a limit value per liter of water. Then nitrate is not harmful. However, if you live in the country, the nitrate content may be higher than 25mg / l.

Babies and tap water

To give an example. Babies who have long-term tap water with an excessive nitrate concentration are more likely to suffer from 'Blue Baby Syndrome'. The skin is colored blue because the baby gets an oxygen short.

Remedies of medicines

You probably can not imagine it, but it's really logical. Our elderly and many women use medicines like the contraceptive pill and our elderly use how older they are becoming more medication. These chemicals must also be broken down by the body. And are excreted with the urine. Urine enters the toilet in our drinking water system. Alkaline water, is the nature of water. The water treatment plants in our country can not filter these substances, also called hormones. And so these residues come into our tap water. To give an example; For example, you may get too much "estrogen" by drinking tap water. Too much of 'estrogen' causes the necessary imbalance in the body.

What can you drink best?

    Water from glass bottles (these do not release harmful substances)
    Water from plastic bottles (although the 2nd choice, but in Australia glass bottles are unfortunately available)
    Tap water filter system for home use

Bottled water from glass bottles are a very good alternative. However, these are poorly available in Australia. Therefore, drinking water from plastic bottles is also better than drinking tap water. Be careful not to leave plastic bottles in the sun. For example in your car. Because when heated, the plastic does not release chemicals. Also called PBAs. Then you get into the bottle in your drinking water.

Home filter system

There are filter systems for tap water that differ in price. Then you'll soon think of a price of $ 299.--. For the more expensive category, the system will be installed in your home. However, for a cheaper alternative, there is now a filter system that you can put on your dishes. This is really recommended. And if you compare it with the purchase of bottles of water, it costs a lot. This system is simple and it is said that it also filters out the hormones from the water. The filter system works the same as the system on our planet. The water is filtered just as rainwater comes to our ground and eventually sips slowly into the ground. And so naturally, it will be filtered from all impurities.

Tap water into healthy water with Prestige Water Cooler Silkwood

Certain layers of sand and stones filter the water until it is clean. Special zeolite stones release the necessary minerals. You can therefore say that you turn your tap water into a healthy water. The water tastes very soft. After a ½ year (or 1 year), it is necessary to replace the filters.

Do you want a filter for your tap water? Let me know by sending an e-mail to email

Why is Filtered Water so Important?