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7 Tips to drink more water in hot weather

6 Facts about drinking water. He is finally there, that long-awaited summer, and we can not wait to sit on a terrace in the sun later on. But before you order a cup of wine or glass of wine: have you drunk enough water today? With these 7 tips it is possible to drink enough, which is extra important in warm weather. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water.

1. Use an app

Do you realize until the night that you have actually only drank 2 to 3 glasses of water? Then a free app can help you to get 1.5 liters per day. Something as simple as Waterlog (ged) for iOS and Android keeps track of how many glasses of water have passed through your throat. The same principle as a calorie counter, with the added benefit that water does not contain calories. Drink it!

2. Pimp your glass

"Water tastes so boring," you could argue. But that is solved with a few slices of lime or lemon, some cucumber, ginger or some leaves of mint. A few more ice cubes - best not too much - and you already want to drink water.

3. Put in sight

Make sure you put a glass or bottle in sight wherever you come that day - at home or at work. So you think faster to drink effectively. Do you have to go somewhere? Then take a bottle with you on the road.

4. Fancy gadget

Are you looking too little on your smart phone, so you fear that the app will not help? Then you can turn on the rough resources, such as with a "smart water bottle". This Hydrate Spark is connected to your smart phone via Blue tooth, which will light up if you are drinking too little. Furthermore, he keeps a close watch on how much you drink and he is available in various fun colors. A nice water bottle makes you drink more, and some fruit gives a nice taste.

5. Buy a nice water bottle

It sounds silly, but whoever buys himself a colorful, cool bottle of water, has a better tendency to drink than who is designated on plastic bottles from the supermarket. Moreover, it is more sustainable and you do not have to carry water from the store every time. Our favorites? This with filter by Prestige Water, a funny copy of Clouds of Fashion or one where you can light fruit for a nice taste. Great tasting filtered water from your water cooler Rostrevor.

6. Enter drinking moments

Talk to yourself that you always drink a glass of water (or two) after getting up, before and after meals and / or after a pause at work. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. By inserting fixed drinking moments, but becoming a habit of it. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water, because then it is already too late.

7. Some extra motivation

Need some motivation? Then it is probably nice to know that people who drink too little more often have obesity and that this happens to your body if you drink too little. These annoying signs also indicate a lack of moisture. Oh and did you already know that drinking a lot of water is good for your skin and hair, that it helps with digestion and can be useful in the fight against cellulite? Voila, there you have that motivation. Water, an essential nutrient.

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Stay hydrated! Drinking water from your water cooler Rostrevor is one thing and this is how it works

Several studies indicate a positive correlation between losing weight and drinking more water. In other words: losing weight by drinking water is one thing. Since it sounds like music to our ears and we absolutely want to know more about it, we collected some facts for you.
Drinking water: 6 x reasons why (and what to do exactly)

Keep that Dopper handy: drinking water is not only super healthy, but also helps you lose weight. You can read below how and what you can do.

Disclaimer: a size more or less does not make you more beautiful or less beautiful, but if you still want to pay attention to your line, we are happy to help you.

1. Drinking water naturally makes you less hungry

When your stomach feels that it is full, a signal is sent to your brain telling you to stop eating. Water takes up space in the stomach, making you feel full faster and less (quickly) hungry. You may also think that you are hungry, but that you are actually thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before grabbing that roll of cookies can help you feel like you're really hungry.

For this study, fifty overweight women drank half a liter of water for eight weeks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The participants lost pounds and fat and indicated that they were less hungry. So it really works.

2. Water from your water coolewr Rostrevor helps you burn calories

Several studies have found that water also helps you burn calories. For this study, 12 people drank half a liter of water; which increased energy consumption. They burned between 2 and 3 percent more calories than usual in the 90 minutes after drinking the water.

Take notes: Especially drinking cold water (delicious) can enhance these benefits. Your body uses energy, and therefore calories, by heating the water for digestion. That is nice and easy to lose weight.

3. Water helps transport "waste"

When your body is dehydrated, it cannot properly remove "waste". Drinking water is essential for your organs to function optimally. Prevent waste from building up in your body by always hydrating yourself. As in really good. Do not let your bottle deviate from your side.

4. Water is a good substitute for liquid calories

It may make sense, but drinking water instead of juice, energy drinks, soda, and alcohol will save you a lot of calories. Try to pay attention and change your plans on the way to the fridge. You do not necessarily have cassis, you can also continue with a glass of water or a cup of tea.

5. Water is necessary for fat burning

Without water, the body cannot properly process stored fat or carbohydrates. Drinking enough water keeps your metabolism up. This is essential for burning fat from food and drink and for burning stored fat. And so for losing weight.

6. Water helps with workouts

If you want to lose weight, a little exercise is also not a bad idea. Are you going to take a (home) workout? Then drink enough water. Water helps muscles, connective tissues and joints to move correctly. Furthermore, it helps your lungs your heart and other organs to work effectively during exercise.

If you are and remain hydrated, you are also less likely to experience muscle cramps and fatigue.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?