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If you drink water with lemon

Why drinking water is good for your hair. The lemon has been a well-known fruit for centuries and falls under the citrus fruit category. Lemon is often used to give a drink a fresher taste or to make the fish taste better. Moreover, it contains a lot of vitamin C, which in turn is good for the skin. But what happens when we add a few slices of lemon to our water? Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. In this article you will find a list of benefits that you will experience when you drink warm water with lemon every day. How do you know if you are drinking enough water.

1. It improves digestion

Digestion is very important for our general health, lemons contain a lot of pectin that stimulate the functioning of the intestines.

2. Lemon water is a real thirst quencher

Before sports and energy drinks such as Red Bull and Extran were introduced to the world, athletes used water with lemon to quench their thirst and get energy. During sports you lose a lot of fluid and electrolytes. By only drinking water you get moisture again, but by adding a little lemon to your water you also get the minerals back inside. Healthy drinks instead of water.

3. It is good for the eyes

Besides the root, the lemon is also very good for the eyes. A lemon contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C that cause your eyes to age less quickly.

4. It gives you a soft skin

By drinking enough, your skin stays smooth and soft. The lemon ensures that you reduce wrinkles and the spots on your skin disappear.

5. Lemon is very important for the liver

The acid of a lemon kills the harmful bacteria that you usually ingest (eg after a night out!). Vitamin C also improves the functioning of the liver

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