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8 Tips to drink more water

Water, an essential nutrient. We all know that a daily dose of water is necessary to keep your body in shape, to care for your skin and even to help you lose weight. Yet there is still no clear answer to the question of exactly how much H2O we need. What is certain is that most of us do not drink enough water.

According to the Institute of Medicine, a healthy adult woman should take a total of 2.66 liters of water a day, a man 3.69 liters. That sounds like a lot, but we can not forget that 20 percent of that is in our diet. The other 80 percent, however, we have to drink, and that is not for everyone equally simple. That is why we give 8 simple tips to increase your water intake.

1. Start your day with water
Put a glass of water next to your bed and drink it empty as soon as you wake up. Do that for your daily cup of coffee or tea. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water.

2. Drink at your desk
Put a glass or bottle on your desk. Fill it again as soon as it is empty. Choose the freshest water dispenser, which provides some extra movement. Do you forget to drink? Then stick a piece of paper on your computer that reminds you. If that does not work, set an alarm on your mobile.

3. Always take water with you
Always take a bottle of water with you in your handbag, so you can always drink on the go. Can you lose weight by drinking water.

4. Drink before your meal
Drink two glasses of water before you start eating. That also helps with weight loss.

5. Length of fruit juice
If you are the type that usually seeks a sweet drink then go to water, then you do not have to swear all fruit juices forever. It is better to fill one fourth of your glass with the (pure) fruit juice and then add it with water.

6. Soft drinks
If you feel like sweet soda, use it as a reminder to take a glass of water. Can not say goodbye to the bubbles? Then go for carbonated water.

7. Give your water some flavor
Can you not renounce the sweet flavors? Then use fresh fruit or vegetables to add some flavor. Cucumber, lemon, lime and watermelon are tasty options.

8. Keep the amount
Just like a food diary helps to keep track of how much you eat, writing down how much water you drink can help you drink more. There is even an app that helps you with that. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.

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