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Drinking water is healthy, 7 tips to drink enough water

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Many of us underestimate the importance of drinking enough water. Especially with (extreme) hot days it is very important to drink enough. I start with 7 facts about water:

     Did you know that if you do not drink enough you can get 1 kilo a year? Lose weight by drinking water.
     Did you know that hunger is often not hungry but thirsty?
     Water is most present in our body, more strongly: on the glaze and our bones (very few), it is in each cell. All cells and molecules are bathed in water.
     Humans consist of about 70% of water and 25% of protein and 5% of calcium.
     We stay alive for a few days without water.
     Water has a lot of functions and for a healthy body it is necessary that you drink enough water.
     Coffee, alcohol, black tea and soft drinks also contain water, but because of it, it does not have the positive effects of pure fresh water, it is more likely to extract moisture.

The Body in Balance

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Our blood consists mainly of water and also the body temperature and blood pressure are kept stable by, among other things, water. When the body's moisture is short, the cells in your body will release the moisture to keep the blood stable at all times. But dehydrated cells cause a lot of complaints. The body needs an excessive amount of moisture for everything, and it's not too bad because of too little drinking. The disadvantage of not sweating is that there are more waste in the body, which causes skin complaints and health problems again.

How much should I drink?

Do you have to imagine that digestion only uses more than 4 liters of water daily. In the large intestine, as much water as possible is taken back through the body. It is always said that you need 2 liters of water a day, more drinking is unhealthy, and the kidneys are unnecessary and you rinse a lot of minerals away. If you eat fruits and vegetables, you get a lot of water, because this also consists of more than 70% of water. If you eat half a kilo of vegetables and fruit, you already have a lot of moisture inside. It is really very important that you drink water all day to feed your body. Your urine is a nice measure to see if you are drinking enough. How many liter of water should you drink.

Symptoms of drinking too much or too little

1) Light very translucent puddle = too much drunk. This can be negative for the kidneys if you do this for too long. In addition, you rinse many minerals away.

2) A dark puddle = drinking too little. This too is very bad for your entire body, but especially for the liver, as it means that there are too much waste in the body.

3) Light yellow puddle = fine. If each puddle has this color, you know you have been drinking enough. That's the case with everyone else. Some people really need less water than others.

The smell of urine also fades a lot. Strong dirty smell is a sign of excessive waste in the body and too little water has been drunk. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

Purified water

However, there are people who drink little or no water because they do not like it. Do you belong to that group and have health problems, then this is really the first step you need to take for improvement. Make sure to put a liter of water in the morning (can be purified water from the Brita) or take mineral water from bottles (do not refill it because the plastic releases toxic substances). Always drink this water during the day. Some people put in the Brita-jug three gems: rose quartz, amethyst and rock crystal. This would provide the water with more energy because our tap water has unfortunately become energy-free. There are also magnets for sale today to improve the quality of the water. These are all tips that are not necessary, but what can be a positive effect. In principle, tap water is sufficient, but it is important that many inorganic salts and poisonous chemicals can contain this and a Brita can withstand this much. In addition, you can choose to drink mineral water and if you want to taste it yourself to make it so drinkable, it's an option but never cordial or other unhealthy candies. Make a small spoon of thick juice, or 100% fruit juice, but rather not. A slice of lemon and lemon juice is even very healthy to do this at the water because in this way you will also detoxify the liver.

Drink more when it's very hot outside or if you're sports!

Remember that water is the only fluid our body needs, everything else is unnecessary and can even damage the body. Herbal tea that can be very healthy can also be harmful if you do not use the good herbs or too often and take the same tea for too long. Spice tea is only suitable for winter and for people who are very cold. Fruit juices increase the sugar level, which also causes overweight and is not recommended. Coffee and black tea dry the body and drink green tea with a degree of drinking because there is also tea and tannic acid that can have a negative effect.

Omega 3 fatty acids

In addition to your urine check, you can also see other places if you drink enough. If your skin is very dry then more drinking and extra omega 3 fatty acids are the best option. Stick out your tongue! Do you see a kind of dry deserted surface that shows all cracks? Even then you have to drink more and this even indicates dehydration. Is your tongue very red? Or just pale? If he is very red you have too much heat in your body and more drink is advisable but especially fresh drinks and no spice tea. If he is very pale then you can take spice tea. Is there a trick on what you can tear away with your nails? Then lemon water is the best to drink and marijuana tea or other detox diets. Even if your lips are very dry you must drink more, under lip is in contact with the large intestine, according to Chinese facial diagnosis, and you often see that people have a cracked dry lower lip.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?