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TIP: Tips to become much more energetic

In this blog post I am going to give you five tips so that you will immediately have a lot more energy. Many entrepreneurs think that they get the most out of their day by constantly being very busy and doing lots of things. And that in itself is not bad either, because they are in any case aware that they want to get the most out of their day. However, there are a number of things that you can immediately apply so that you can go to the next level yourself. Be aware that your company can only go to the next level if you also go to the next level. And because you are going to apply these tips, your energy level will certainly rise. So apply these tips and keep me informed of your results.

Drink water when you wake up and continue throughout the day

What is the most dehydrated moment of the day? What kind of water to drink. Right, that's the morning. And what is the number 1 drink that most people drink at that moment? Coffee. And does coffee ensure that you become dehydrated, yes or no?

Yes. So what many people actually do is drink something that dries out even more at the most dehydrated moment of the day. This is absurd, of course, when you think about it, but it is still a habit that has crept into a lot of people in recent years. Having a full glass of water all the time. I do not say that you can not drink coffee in the morning, but what I absolutely recommend to do is to drink as much water as possible in the morning. So drink at least two glasses of water at the moment you wake up, because your body needs to get the moisture level back up. Again: at the moment you are dehydrated, you will remain drowsy, you will have little energy and you will have to use much more power for the same energy that you normally need. So drink a lot of water immediately! In addition, I recommend that you simply drink a lot of water throughout the day. It is not bad at all to drink a few liters of water a day. And to give you a tip: put a large bottle on your desk or you can put down with water and just keep drinking all day long. Tips to drink more water.

Please do not respond to this blog post with "yes, you can get water poisoning!" Or other things, because at the moment you get a water poisoning, you know yourself that you have really drank absurd quantities of water. I'm not talking about absurd amounts of water, but about a few liters a day. Imagine that every hour you drink a glass of water of 250 ml in the sixteen hours that you are awake. Then you drink four liters of water a day and a glass of water per hour is of course not very much.

So drink plenty of water, then you will certainly notice that you have more energy. About Prestige Water.

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Healthy and great tasting filtered alkaline water from your water cooler Officer

Healthier food and water from your water cooler Officer and tea are so important for a good lifestyle. 12herbsforhealthylife was created because I want to make people aware of the importance of living a healthier life. A healthy life, but with a 100% pure natural product.

People must become aware to start living healthier. The magic words for a better life are the combination of healthier eating, drinking and tea and of course not forgetting to exercise more. I'm really in favor of that. In the past I drank a lot of soda or without sugar, but it does not remain good for the body. I have now switched to tea and lemonade without sugar and leave the sweetness too. The perfect combination of healthier eating, drinking and tea. Nowadays more and more is asked of you which can cause a lot of stress and unrest. Today's professions have more of a sedentary function than a moving one. Due to the busy family life or busy job, there is often no time left to consciously cook healthy food and then people quickly eat the wrong food.

Less exercise and incorrect nutrition can make you overweight. Read here about healthier food, drinks and tea.

Your body becomes unbalanced and gets out of balance and you can tell by the number of kilos that you have gained weight. You have less energy and feel lifeless.

All these unhealthy things also lead to the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and not to forget diabetes.

You want to prevent these things and be aware of how healthy you can live through healthier eating, drinking and tea?

Nowadays you have pills for everything, but that does not solve the health problems. If you continue to live unhealthy, the symptoms will all worsen.

Is that what you want?

With my blog I want to make people more aware to live a healthier life that can be done with healthier eating and drinking together with our herbal tea so that you start to feel fitter and nice and slim. In order not to completely change your life immediately, it is better to take a small step every time to healthier life, then you are already on the right track. Drink more from your water cooler Officer.

What could be better to feel good again and to be able to cope with the world again?

Be aware that I can give you so many tips or advice, but in the end you have to do it yourself. Why do I think this is so important because I care about people and know what it is like to have no energy and feel lethargic. I grew up with conscious healthy food, I always played a lot in my youth and remember how energetic I was and felt very happy. When I got older I also got a busier life and less sports. I work in the office for three days, which I enjoy doing a lot, but in the past when I came home in the evening I noticed that my neck and shoulders were suffering a lot. Walked into the physio for a while and also helped nice but not enough to get rid of it completely. Nowadays I also go to the gym to keep my weight up, but I also do exercises for my neck and as long as I keep doing that, I have little trouble.

I know as you get older the energy also decreases. When you get out of bed in the morning, you are no longer as flexible as when you were about 20 years old. That does not matter, but it is important to keep your body moving and to eat and drink healthier and more consciously.

You can still have that feeling of happiness if you are open and persistent.

Until about the age of 25 I could eat what I wanted, even if I ate 6 weeks of fries, I did not gain a gram. I am now 47 years old and I notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay at target weight. All kinds of diets are offered to make you believe that the kilos are flying off. I have tried several as well as low carbohydrate diet and I have to say after a month I lost 8 kilos but then .

Tired of eating only protein-rich food after 4 weeks.

You get back into your daily rhythm and somewhere metal changes something in you and you still long for other things such as tasty white rice and white bread and pasta. You think a fries is allowed again for once, doesn't it hurt? Colleague's birthday and is treated to a pastry. "Well, I've been doing so well that is also possible"

Are you familiar with all this?

This is not surprising, we remain people, but it is a shame that after a few months the kilos are back on which you have put so much effort into.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?