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With these 5 tips you finally manage to drink more water

We all know that we have to drink enough water, and yet it often does not work. How many liter of water should you drink. During the day we often prefer coffee, tea or soft drinks and in the evening to a cold beer, wine or soda. To get to that one and a half liters per day, we have some tips.

1. Use an app

Chances are that you have your smart phone with you 24 hours a day. Take advantage! Thanks to simple apps like 'Waterlogged' or 'Memory for water' you can easily keep track of how many glasses you have already drunk. You can even indicate that you want to receive notifications when it's time to refuel. Just visit the App Store or Google Play, and toast. Lose weight by drinking water.

2. Pimp the water

Healthy drinks instead of water. Okay, water is perhaps not the most delicious drink in the world. But you can change that by adding a taste. For example, put a mint plant in the office or take some ginger and fruit to polish your water. You can also choose a bottle of lime juice.

3. Buy a stylish water bottle

Original refillable water bottles not only help to make the waste pile smaller, it is also a happy reminder that you have to drink more. Do not forget to refill them occasionally!

4. Awake the competition beast in yourself

This tip will sound like music to the real Monica Gellers among us: enter the competition with yourself. Whether it is drinking a glass of water every morning when you get up, or throwing a glass back every half hour, give yourself a goal. Tell your colleagues or housemates and let them encourage you. Or tease if you do not achieve an objective.

5. Do not be lazy

The biggest reason that many people drink too little water? We are busy and always refill the filling of the water bottle. And whoever is knocked down on the couch, it is difficult to get rid of it again. Loudly - or in silence - urge yourself to "get out of your lazy ass" is often the best motivation to still stand up for the necessary hydration. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

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