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Lots of water drinking helps to lose weight

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Drinking a lot of water for faster weight loss is often advised. In many different dietary cures, a lot of water is recommended. It has become a common "truth" for many people who regularly do a line attempt. Where does this thought come from, what's right and what not?

What is normal?

The amount of moisture a person needs daily is different per person. The advice of the Nutrition Council is at least one and a half to a maximum of three and a half liters per day. This is not just about water but also for coffee, tea, milk, yogurt, soup, and so forth. If your natural need sometimes deviates from it, you do not have to scare because there are many different factors that affect the amount of moisture you need daily. For example, men generally need more moisture than women. Other factors that are in flood:

   - Length and construction: The longer, wider and heavier, the more moisture you need compared to others
   - Body composition: the more muscle mass, the more moisture your body needs
   - The amount of activity: the more active you are, the more moisture you lose and therefore need
   - The temperature and humidity of the environment: if it is very hot and humid, you also lose more moisture (and salt)
   - The amount of salt (sodium chloride) you use, the more, the more moisture you need. Healthy drinks instead of water.
   - Internal Controller: Every person has a unique set controller and the one is set high and at the other low.

Our internal controller

We all have a unique system, the sodium / potassium pump, which regulates the amount of moisture to be distributed proportionately between the fluid in the bloodstream and the moisture in the tissues. One person has a "high" set pump and needs a lot of moisture a day, the other is a low-set pump and can therefore less with less. This is genetically determined and remains more or less the same throughout our lives as we stay healthy. If someone with a low set pump drinks more than normal (natural need), then it will just take it too much.
Five reasons for drinking extra water have become popular. Of course, it's not for nothing to drink a lot of water if a good advice on weight loss is seen.

    Limit damage to excessive weight loss

In the diets that contain very few calories (between 600-1000 calories), high concentrations of substances can enter the body where people can get sick and sick if they stay in the body for too long. This happens, for example, by breaking down muscle mass (even though they promise that this does not happen), which adds an additional burden to the kidneys if not enough is consumed. In addition, additional water is recommended to prevent some clogging. It appears that in some medicines you need other medicines to counteract the disadvantages of the medicine. Just think of stomach guards. For example, extra water is needed to reduce the damage to (to) lose weight. Lose weight by drinking water.

    "Bulk" food limit

People who are used to eating large amounts at one time, the so-called bulketers, will drink water while eating or can easily eat less with food and still feel the full feeling they are used to. I suspect the mister my captain had in this category belongs to.

    Substitute for candy between

For habits to regularly treat the day without maaghonger, sometimes it is advisable to drink water. As with people who stop smoking, nicotine re placers are advised or fruit for example.

    The "cleansing" effect of drinking water on the body

Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Water is attributed by some properties as purifying and / or cleansing. Scientifically, there is no evidence that (source) water would have a special place in addition to other sources of moisture. What has been shown is that the power of faith / thought and imagination is great. Feeling "cleaner" at the thought is affecting your mood and your mood is affecting your energy. Your energy, of course, affects your willful power and relaxation. And that again has a beneficial effect on your weight and risky abdominal fat.

    Water as a convenient, "pure", low-cost, non-alcoholic drink

Water is of course easy to obtain everywhere. It does not contain caffeine or thine. No dyes, flavors or sweeteners and no calories. In addition, of course, too little salt or contaminants. An advice you can never bump into. Even if you do not have enough knowledge of food, diets or the functioning of our body at home or not ...

Drinking more water always seems a good idea if you want to lose weight. Nevertheless, I would like to tell you a few things that you do not often read or hear, but are important for long-term effects.

    Do not limit damage but immediately new, enjoyable and healthy habits and bodies

Drinking a lot of water to limit the damage to the side effects of "horse remedies" that are low calorie diets, you could also choose for other ways. Ways that do not bring your body into need, but learns with care in the broadest sense of the word. Water to fight the maaghonger, which you will really feel at these diets is a way to cheat on your body and to build shortages of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. Just as food does not provide true comfort in sorrow, water does not provide a lasting satisfaction with a real need for food.

TIP: Focus on recognizing and satisfying your actual needs for food, drink and other desires such as relaxation and challenges, where you will really feel comfortable in your skin and relax your skin. I would like to assist you.

    To feel full change instead of water instead of food

Are you a big eater and someone who likes to feel a full stomach, drinking water seems a smart way to eat less. However, the long-term effect is that you remain attached to the full feeling. If you do not mind and forget about the extra drink, you will easily eat unaware again to feel the full feeling you are still used to. If you drink much more water than you need naturally, you will more easily return to your (unconscious) natural need in the long run and before you know you're back at it.

TIP: Smarter for the long term is your habit of looking into a full sense and changing this. In addition, it's important to know what's smart to eat less and what's not! As a dietitian and food therapist, I would like to offer you support.

    Learn to know your eating and feelings and to handle it effectively and sustainably

If you eat all day, the idea is sometimes to drink water if it's just a habit. Usually, however, it is not only a habit, but also an underlying need to relax, enjoy, or enjoy boredom. Against boredom, a glass of water can also help, but is it not much more meaningful and durable to investigate your boredom and seek more inspirational business? And if you want to enjoy or need to relax, drinking water is not something that contributes to more enjoyment... It's your throwing times for the time you're on the line and how much do you want to get there again ... .. While your habit of stopping anything in your mouth continues ... Remember that your body does not need the extra water and may disturb your natural balance.

TIP: Searching for and asking for what you really need is likely to be a better investment for the long term. In addition, bring your eating moments back to 7 x a day with healthy basic products and a realistic amount of favorite food. Over 35 years of experience as dietitian and food therapist, I would like to introduce you.

    Use the power of thought, but do not overdo it

Of course, water is not wrong and when you imagine helping you with your desire to clean, let go, clean up "old mess" literally and figuratively, do it. Be careful not to drink much more water at once. Of these, the sodium potassium pump may be disturbed. You may be very nauseous and in the worst case it can lead to a cardiac arrest.

TIP: Take a ½ liter (safe) for example, divide it over the day. And imagine how it supports you with your desire to make you feel more vital.

    Water as one of the thirst lesser

Does not water make something "must". So far, there are no studies showing that water is needed. What has been shown is that other sources of moisture like coffee, tea, soft drinks, broth, can have effects that are not useful to you. Good knowledge about this makes sure you can choose carefully. Even if the drinks are omitted and replaced with water can. I would like to teach you what will have the most beneficial effect on you.

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