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What to do against muscle pain

Have you started exercising again? Then you will undoubtedly feel satisfied when you leave the gym exhausted. Until the next day. Incredible muscle pain. Every staircase is too high and every meter too far! Laughter is no fun anymore with acidified abdominal muscles. And then you only want to know one thing: what to do against muscle pain? Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.
1. Step into an ice cold bath!

Just sports? Step directly when you come home under a cold shower or in a cold bath. You can of course also place an ice pack on your muscles. That is for a moment, but the cold is good for the circulation of the body. Due to the low temperature, the blood vessels constrict temporarily, so that the waste can be disposed of better. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. That saves some muscle pain the next day!
2. Take rest and move

Exercise is not fine if you have muscle pain. But do not move a fin all day? That makes your muscles stiff. Keep moving! Bike a bit or go around a block. This prevents you from moving like a robot for days. Do you still want to go to the gym? Train other muscle groups, otherwise you overload the already soured muscles. You then have an injury, so it takes even longer before the pain is over.
3. Drink cherry juice

Drinking plenty of water ensures that the waste products are removed from your muscles properly. What else can you do better against muscle pain? Drinking cherry juice! Research shows that cherry juice contains antioxidants (so-called anthocyanins) that have an anti-inflammatory effect. When you drink cherry juice in advance, you have less muscle pain after your training. Also cranberry juice and black currant juice help. Another tip: coffee! Caffeine reduces muscle pain by 50% and ensures that you can train longer.
4. Go to the sauna

On day 2 after training, muscle pain is often the worst. It is important that the blood flows well through the muscles. That is why it is best to heat your body as much as possible. The muscles relax by the heat and the pain decreases. Does your planning allow it? Go to the sauna. Or dress warmly, put a jug on your loaded muscles or take a warm bath. What can also help: tiger balm. This ointment heats your muscles so that they recover faster.
5. Eat 'analgesic' nutrition

Did you know that certain foods sometimes better relieve the pain than a painkiller? Why filter tapwater. For example, research shows that ginger helps against muscle pain. Subjects took ginger pills for 11 consecutive days. They had 25% less muscle pain after training than those who took a placebo. Other foods also help against muscle pain such as: salmon, turmeric, yogurt, fresh mint, soya beans and pepper. Moreover, products with vitamin B12 (nuts, bananas, oranges, chicken and eggs) are recommended.

What to do against muscle pain?

How do I get more energy? Muscle pain is sometimes quite nice! But enough is enough! Do not over train yourself. It is more important to exercise regularly than to go to the limit daily (with days of screaming muscle pain as a memento). Do you still have muscle pain? Then at least you know what to do. Sport them!

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