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Tip: Is drinking water healthy?

Drinking water is absolutely necessary to stimulate your health and to definitively lose your excess weight. To stay healthy and in good condition our body needs sufficient water. Not surprising when you know that your body consists of water or similar substances for up to two thirds. Scientists advise not to drink at least three liters of water every day for nothing. What positive effect does water have on our health and when do we know that our bodies have a shortage of water? Truth about drinking water.

Drinking enough water daily is of vital importance

Drinking enough water daily is of vital importance. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Yet there are many who fail to drink sufficient water daily with all the trouble of the world. This obviously has a negative impact on their health, but they usually only notice that when it is too late. Obviously we get a quantity of water from our food, good for one liter every day. Our body processes are good for another half a liter. We still have at least one and a half liters left to drink. It is certainly not the case that by drinking coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks you provide your body with sufficient water, on the contrary. Together with the consumption of chocolate and sugar, they even call your water supply.

Drinking water purifies your body

Your body counts no less than sixty billiard cells of which the health is kept intact by your diet. All those body cells must of course be purified from all waste products and that requires water, a lot of water. All body cells contain a total of 25 liters of water. This water acts as a kind of heat buffer and as a means of transport for the removal of all waste materials. Because of a lack of moisture you are, as it were, the assassin of your own body without realizing it yourself. Many suffer from a chronic fluid deficiency. As a result of such chronic dehydration, the waste substances accumulate in your body's cells, so that you are literally poisoned without it being noticed. Drinking water stimulates your health. Water not only ensures that all waste materials are removed as quickly as possible. It protects you from suffocation, provides the necessary cooling, absorbs shocks and is effective against all kinds of disorders:

Drinking enough water helps you lose weight

  • Overweight: drinking enough water daily (about two liters) fits in every healthy diet. Water helps you lose weight. Drinking plenty of water reduces your appetite for sweet and low-calorie beverages such as soft and soda, fruit juices and coffee.
  • Saturated feeling: drinking water creates a longer satiated feeling that makes you less likely to grab sweet and unhealthy snacks
  • Cardiovascular diseases: drinking sufficient water daily reduces your risk of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. That is even scientifically proven
  • Extra energy: water from your water cooler Mount Barker provides extra energy. A constant lack of water causes fatigue. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.
  • Headache: can indicate a lack of fluid. Drinking more water can prevent your headaches or cause your headaches to disappear
  • A hangover: drinking alcoholic beverages causes headaches and nausea. A hangover due to too much alcohol use is caused by a lack of moisture. Alcohol works diuretic

The main symptoms of fluid deficiency are: headache, lack of energy and chronic fatigue, dark-colored urine, poor concentration, constipation or constipation, bad breath, a swollen tongue, muscle spasms, a pale skin color, dry mouth, accelerated heartbeat, dry eyes and chronic joint pain.

How healthy is tap water?

Water cooler with or without filtration. Drinking tap water is in most cases healthier than water bottles. It is controlled at no less than 65 parameters compared to just fifteen for water from bottles. Our tap water is by far in most cases healthier than mineral water. Tap water is tested on no less than 65 parameters, mineral bottled water at barely 15. Water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, necessary for strong bones. But not only the presence of magnesium and calcium determine the quality of water. The acidity (pH value) of water is at least as important. Tap water has an average Ph value of 8, compared to a Ph value of 6 for bottled water. Fruit and especially cucumber, watermelon, pineapple, all green leafy vegetables, blueberries, tomatoes, oranges and pears are just as many sources of alkaline water. If you have difficulty drinking water, you can improve its taste by adding orange juice, lemon, cucumber or mint. Herbal tea is also excellent to supplement your water reserves. The consumption of fruit drinks is not recommended.

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Water from your water cooler Mount Barker and resilience

Since this week I have a new water filter in practice so that everyone can drink a glass of healthy water with natural minerals after the treatment from the Prestige Water cooler Mount Barker and that helps to dispose of waste products better.

Health and resilience, both physically, emotionally and mentally, have everything to do with your inner battery. You can charge it from different sides:

You become strong and resilient and you remain, for example, through sufficient rest and sleep, meditation, yoga, exercise, being in nature, nice people around you, nice work where your talent comes into its own and hobbies that give you energy, by eating healthy food and drinking enough water from the water cooler Mount Barker. All those energy sources contribute to more resilience, a strong mind and a strong body.

At the same time, it is very important to pay attention to what you lose energy on, physically, emotionally and mentally and to do something about it.

Why is drinking water so important?

Our body consists of 70% water, if we drink too little we dry out. For example, you get dry skin or a headache, your body cannot properly dispose of the waste products, this can even cause you to have kidney failure or gain weight faster.

Drinking enough water is therefore important to stay healthy and energetic. It is good for our heart, muscles and joints, for the functioning of our brain, our intestines and our lymph function, our immune system, for our skin, to remove waste products and it stimulates the metabolism.

Sports drinks, fruit juices or soft drinks contain substances that must first be broken down and digested. Pure water can be absorbed directly by your body.

Why filter drinking water?

Australian drinking water companies can filter most of the pollution out of the water. We are doing very well in the Netherlands compared to other countries. However, they cannot get everything out of the water. Small amounts are still left behind. Think of drug and hormone residues, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, microscopic plastic particles, including from cosmetics (this year a study is being started at UVA; it seems that these plastic particles end up in our blood and even in our brains come), X-ray contrast media and, for example, the substances used in the GenX process. RIVM is committed to optimal drinking water and conducts research into it, sets the standard and at the same time strives for more transparency in this research and is concerned about pollution of surface water.

Because I drink one and a half liters of water a day in addition to other drinks, I would like to make sure that I drink water that supports my health and that is what I want my clients to do.

That is why I now have a new water filter in practice that filters out 99.9% of the waste. Specially selected stones and bottom layers of the filter add natural minerals so that everyone can drink a glass of healthy water immediately after the treatment.

And certainly not unimportant: With a water filter I no longer have to carry plastic bottles of spring water so good for the environment and my back and I am even cheaper!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?