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TIP: I drank 2 liters of filtered water for 16 days and this did for my skin

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. How good is drinking 2 liters of water for your skin? Some studies say that you really get a better skin and less wrinkles from drinking water, other researchers say that is just a myth. Cosmo's Lotte wanted to know what water really does for your skin and the experiment went on.

My skin

Let's talk about my skin first. I think that problem skin is the correct description. Not that he is very fat or dry, but the last time I had an even skin I can not remember sincerely. Every day in the morning and in the evening I do a thorough cleaning and every two weeks I spoil my face with a scrub and a mask. During this experiment, I keep this regime in order to keep the conditions as normal as possible. On this make-up 'before' selfie you can see that I suffer from impurities:

2 liters of water = 8 large glasses

Do I drink 2 liters of water every day? I honestly thought so, but when I was really going to keep up, I quickly came to the conclusion that that was not the case. 2 liters of water is quite a lot. 8 large glasses, I chose 4 bottles of half a liter. I could easily take it anywhere, so that I knew for sure that I drank enough. It sounds so simple, but I sometimes had to drink against it to get it. Especially on beautiful summer evenings where you prefer to drink a glass of wine. But everything gets used, it was getting easier. And, most importantly: after a while I saw a difference when I started. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Experiment & results

The first days ... Whenever I start something, I think I've invented the miracle cure, and in the morning I run to the mirror enthusiastically to see if I see anything. The first days that of course always disappointing, but around day 3 and 4 I start to notice that no new pimples recover. Normally I could count on 1 pimple per day - 2 days. If that's the result, I'm honestly already happy.

Day 5 and 6 ... These were days when I made a first real discovery. I was pretty happy with my skin so far. On day 5 I drank 2 cups of coffee with my parents (I almost never drink coffee, only with my parents, no idea why) and the next morning (day 6) I woke up with a heavily irritated piece of skin at my nose. Would I be sensitive to coffee or is this a coincidence? I'm going to pay attention.

Day 7 to 16 ... It was warm weather (oh, summer come back!) So drinking lots of water was not that difficult. Easy even. Except for a beautiful summer Saturday night, then I had to force glass of water with my wine order because otherwise I would not go get it. But, everything for the experiment.

And what did I notice about my skin? Honest is fair: more than I expected. I did not receive any new pimples during this entire period (except after the coffee incident) and the impurities that I had when I started disappeared slowly. And hey, does my skin shine a bit too? Read also: Why drinking water is good for your hair. Drinking water makes grow your hair faster.

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