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Drinking lemon juice

12 Reasons to drink water with lemon juice

Water with lemon juice is easy to make and is also surprisingly healthy. It is especially a good 'cleaner' to drink in the morning a glass from my water cooler Main Beach. When I started, I noticed a difference after a few days. You will wake up well and the taste will get used to it! Some studies say that it works better in hot or hot water. You could even use it as a healthy substitute for coffee. I have to say, personally I think it's okay to do it at room temperature. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Cold water with lemon juice is not recommended, which can be a shock to your digestion, especially if you are just awake. Squeezed lemon juice works a lot better as a concentrate, I have noticed. It contains sulphite, something you can get allergic reactions from. Natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins remain perfectly intact when you squeeze your lemons yourself. Why filter tapwater.

How to make?

  •     Take a lemon
  •     Use a citrus press
  •     Remove the seeds and use the press
  •     Pour it into a glass and drink it immediately

Water with lemon juice has a lot of benefits, I have worked out the 12 best benefits below for you. There is no excuse for not doing it, because it does not take a minute!

12 Good reasons to drink water with lemon juice

  1.     Fresh lemon juice can certainly prevent problems with your digestion in the morning. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. A bloated feeling, do you know that? Water with lemon juice contains natural ingredients that counteract that feeling and stimulate your digestion at the same time.
  2.     Lemons have a cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys and blood. A liver that works overtime has an effect on how you feel. Cleaning your liver every morning by drinking some lemon juice can have a significant effect on your daily energy.
  3.     Lemon juice in the morning gives you a good dose of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, lemons contain potassium, calcium and magnesium. Three elements that you need to live a healthy and fit life.
  4.     The high mineral content in lemon provides an alkalizing effect. During the digestion of lemons, certain acids enter into action, these acids ensure an improved absorption of the nutritious substances that can be found in lemon.
  5.     Lemon prevents constipation and diarrhea. Since many people suffer from this (especially in the morning), this is a good reason to take your water with lemon juice at the beginning of the day.
  6.     Lemon is good for your skin. The high vitamin C content in lemon contributes to the well-being of your skin. Perhaps more important is the cleansing effect that lemon has on the whole body.
  7.     Lemons are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are mainly found in medicinal herbs and fruit. They are natural antioxidants. Flavonoids are not essential in the daily diet, but they explain a large part of the healthy properties of fruit and vegetables.
  8.     Water with lemon juice helps the liver to produce bile. The liver produces bile, which is mainly used to convert fats into usable substances for your body. Something that your body (especially in the morning) can use, because your liver has to work well if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. How do I get more energy?
  9.     Antibacterial properties can help with inflammation and pain. For example, if you have a sore throat (as I often had), water with lemon juice helps soothe this pain. I myself made hot lemon juice and drank this every few hours, your sore throat is so away again. If you drink a glass of lemon juice every morning, you reduce the risk of sore throat. Fortunately I have never had a sore throat since I drink water from my water cooler Main Beach with lemon juice daily.
  10.     Lemon water reduces the mucus in your body. Do you often suffer from mucus? Catch a cold? Water with lemon juice counteracts the production of excess mucus. If you often drink cow's milk (an important link in excess mucus), you can help your daily glass of water with lemon juice.
  11.     Many sources support the fact that it supports fat burning. We do not start from miracles, so you'll have to exercise enough and adjust your diet, but adding lemon juice in water has indeed benefits if you want to get rid of some excess fat.
  12.     Water with lemon juice is bad breath. The high number of oxidants and antibiotics prevent bad odors, not just bad breath! There are plenty of reasons to drink a delicious glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning, it certainly adds something if you want to be fit and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Your skin and drinking filtered water from your water cooler Main Beach

With dry skin, there is usually a reduced skin barrier. This can be caused by external causes (for example, water and soap), but there are also congenital skin diseases that are accompanied by dry skin.

Unfortunately, dry skin is common in both men and women, young and old. If the skin barrier does not work as well, the skin is open, so to speak. Your skin is then very fragile and loses moisture. Drinking water with minerals from your water cooler Main Beach will help you with a nicer skin.

Dry skin after showering

Sometimes you disrupt the healthy skin barrier yourself, without actually noticing it. For example by often taking a warm shower. A warm shower may be very nice, but it draws a lot of moisture from your skin.

This is how it works: the layer of fat on the skin, which provides protection and retains moisture, dissolves with warm shower water (and especially in combination with soap) and disappears from the skin. Then the warm water also evaporates and takes the water out of your skin. It explains that itchy and itchy skin after a hot shower. I wrote a separate blog about how often should you bathe or shower.

Dry skin in the winter

Even in winter, your skin dries out faster. Make sure you are drinking plenty from your water cooler Main Beach. This has to do with the cold, dry air that winter brings in combination with the dry air inside by heating the heating. The combination of cold and dry air can cause quite a lot on your skin; the moisture in your skin evaporates faster and your skin becomes more fragile. For that reason, you also see that a skin condition such as eczema often worsens in the winter months. A very well-known problem is the winter hands, but eczema can also worsen elsewhere on your body.

Dry skin in the summer

But summer can also have a negative effect on your skin, especially a day of sun. UV rays and heat damage the skin barrier, which explains the tightness in the evening.

Sometimes the cause of dry skin lies elsewhere. For example in an innate disposition. If you have a predisposition for atopic eczema, this is automatically accompanied by a predisposition for dry skin. There are also skin conditions where the skin is always very dry, for example with ichthyosis. The outer layer of the skin, the horny layer, is not properly applied and a dry skin resembling fish skin is created. In all these cases, I advise you to visit your doctor, because your skin needs specific care.

Dry skin in old age

A common complaint with aging skin is dry skin, especially on the lower legs. This is partly due to the fact that fewer skin's own fats are produced. For example, the barrier function of the skin is less good, and the skin is less able to retain moisture. Use a perfume-free body lotion with urea regularly

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