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Filter your tap water, yes or no

Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Filter tap water, is that necessary or not? There are increasing pollutants in surface water. Like chemical cleaners that are rinsed by the sink. But also hormones and drugs from medicines like the pill and antidepressants, coming through the urine into the sewer. Water pipelines clean the water to the tap water coming out of your tap. Unlike in other countries, this is very thorough in Australia and therefore our tap water is suitable for consumption. Use the filter system from the Prestige Water Water Cooler Kunwarara. Why filter tapwater.

Metal out

What happens now if your tap water adds a little extra? The water in the can flows through a filter cartridge, which includes carbon. This pattern removes a number of substances from the water. The brand Brita describes this process as follows: "The filter cartridge filter material consists of a food safety controlled mixture of an ion exchanger and active carbon. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Kunwarara. The ion exchanger reduces the carbonate hardness (lime) and reduces metals such as copper and lead contained in the conduits In your house. The added active carbon removes flavor substances ". Thus, in the filtered water there are less metals like lime, copper and lead. The Bobble brand promises that their filters will extract lime, chlorine, copper, lead, mercury and cadmium from tap water. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

Brands of water filters

Prestige Water provide water filter kits for home use. Here you should replace filter patterns after a month. To avoid using a filter for long, you can set certain Brita kits when you have placed a new filter. A small screen on the can then indicates when the filter should be on. Bobble offers an email service. You will then receive an email reminding you that you need to replace the filter. A new filter must always be taken once or twice to remove the loose carbon. This first filtered water is not yet suitable for drinking, but you can do very well with your plants. In addition to water jugs, you can also buy drink bottles from Bobble, where you screw the filter (available in nice colors). This way you have everywhere filtered water at your fingertips. The bottles, cans and filters are available in natural stores and health shops or via the web. Healthy or not? There are so many minerals in the water from your Water Cooler Kunwarara. There are different opinions about the utility of water filters. This would not be necessary because Dutch tap water is already clean enough. Or you should also filter important nutrients from the water. I can not give a scientific opinion about it. I myself use a Brita filter can for the water I drink or put on tea. Because the taste is better. I live in an area with high water hardness and the water becomes a lot softer of filtering. However, the effect decreases as you use the filter cartridge longer. In addition, I think it's practical that there are no "fleece" on the tea and no brown touch in the teapot and tea cups. Also, the kettle remains free of calcium attack. You can also filter water for other purposes. For example, to cook or soup vegetables. Filtering shower water shines to provide a softer skin and softer hair.

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