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What is alkaline water

Alkaline Water simply means that there is water with a pH value (acidity) of more than 7.0. pH values are measured in a scale from 1 to 14. Water with a pH value below 7.0 is referred to as acid or acide water, while water above pH 7.0 is referred to as alkaline or alkaline water. The value 7.0 is also called pH-neutral. 6 Facts about drinking water. Drink alkaline water from your Water Cooler Kerang. The water from the tap is virtually alkaline in Australia almost everywhere. In humans, different levels of acidity are observed in different areas of the body (for that matter, the acidity is also still referred to when the values in the alkaline range are above pH 7):

Our body has several pH values and is generally slightly alkaline

  •     Pancreas: The secretion of the pancreas is at a pH-value of 8.0 far in the basic range. Anti-Colts and drinking water. The separation serves to neutralize the stomach acidified nutrition in the duodenum, so that the nutrients can be absorbed through the body through the small intestine.
  •     Intestines: The intestines are also clearly in an alkaline environment with values of pH 8.0 or higher. If acids are formed in the gastrointestinal tract by disturbed digestion by fermentation or rotting, the body gets rid of these undesirable substances by diarrhea.
  •     Blood: Our blood is clearly in a basic environment with a pH value of 7.35 to 7.45.
  •     Liver and gallbladder: secretions of liver and gall bladder are alkaline with a pH of 7.1. 7 Ways to grow your hair faster.
  •     Saliva: Is slightly alkaline or neutral with a pH of 7.1 to 7.0. In case of severe acidosis (abnormally acidic condition) saliva can end up in the acidic range, which can cause serious damage to the teeth over time.
  •     Connective tissue: May be slightly more acidic than blood. Here, basic values are measured from 7.08 to 7.29. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Kerang.
  •     Muscles and organ cells: have a pH value in the acid range of about 6.9. This is related to the fact that the energy process in our cells is active "around the clock". And acid is produced during processing and burning of our nutrients, in this case carbonic acid. In any case, it is important for the cells that they are constantly acidified. When the cells of our main muscle, the heart, drop to pH 6.2, this continues to stop.
  •     Urine: the pH level can vary from pronounced acid (pH 4.8) to basic (pH 8.0). The acid leaves the body with the urine.
  •     Gastric juice: This is the most acidic component of the human body. It is between pH 1.2 and 3.0. The hydrochloric acid formed in the stomach is especially necessary for the digestion of proteins and the killing of pathogens that penetrate through breathing or are swallowed together with food.
  •     The skin: the skin of man has a pH of about 5.5. That natural acid mantle of the skin prevents bacteria from penetrating our skin. After each wash with soap, the body needs 3 hours to restore the natural acid mantle. For this reason, it is recommended to use a pH-neutral soap. What does drinking water really does for your skin.

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